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Title: 公共圖書館在社區營造中的角色與做法
The Public Libraries Role and Practice in the Reconstruction of the Community
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Issue Date: 14-Dec-2002
Abstract: 本文主旨在強調學習型社區的營造中,圖書館的角色最為重要,他可以是資源提供者的角色,也可以是社區營造的合夥人,更可以是社區民眾服務學習的場所,使雙方面結合成生命共同體,進而達成營造學習型社區的目標。為達成上述目的,作者先檢討公共圖書館在社區時代的營運定位與角色,再分析公共圖書館與社區互動的五種模式,接著討論社區總體營造的理念,以及分析公共圖書館在社區總體營造中的四種角色,最後提出公共圖書館推動社區總體營造的四種具體作法,分別是:組織社區讀書會、設立公共圖書館的社區義工站、建立社區圖書資源交流中心和開辦社區大學或社區學苑等,期待有助於各地文化生活圈的社區總體營造。
This paper aims to emphasize that the public library plays a vital role in the reconstruction of a learning community. It can be a resource-provider, a partner of the community reconstruction, and more importantly, a learning place for the people. Both the public library and the community can combine to form a symbiosis, which then helps reconstruct a learning community. To reach the goal above , the author first discusses the practice and the roles of the public library in Community Age. He then analyzes the five ways in which the public library interacts with community, followed by a discussion of the concept of community reconstruction, an analysis of the four roles the public library plays in community reconstruction, and finally he offers 4 concrete measures the public library can take to accomplish these goals. i.e. organizing community reading clubs, setting up a volunteer community station, establishing a library resource exchange center, and starting community universities or colleges in the hope encouraging the overall reconstruction of local culture and life cycles.
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