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Title: 能源國家型人才培育自由導向整合型計畫-大眾傳播媒體的教育功能---節能減碳議題的傳佈研究(I)
Educational Function of Mass Media on Diffusion of Energy-Saving and Carbon-Reduction Agendas
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學大眾傳播研究所
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究計畫關注科學傳播產生的教育功能,分析大眾傳播媒體在科學資訊傳佈過程 的功能與角色,希望透過對科學資訊(以節能減碳為例)的傳佈者、傳佈過程、影響傳 佈因素,以及傳佈通路等的分析與研究,強化大眾媒體在科學訊息傳佈的教育功能,企 圖發揮大眾傳播媒體的基本教育功能,協助政府推動與落實節能減碳政策。 因此本研究計畫分成三部份:第一部份是針對訊息傳遞者(發佈科學新聞的媒體工 作者)的研究,了解媒體決定報導節能減碳新聞的考量因素、新聞記者報導節能減碳新 聞的資訊尋求過程,以及科學新聞報導正確性等,終極目標在解析如何藉由大眾傳播媒 體來宣導節能減碳觀念與政策;第二部份是針對台灣節能減碳真實案例的報導與發佈, 透過新聞傳播科系學生參與新聞報導寫作課程的學習,將台灣許多節能減碳的新聞與人 物利用大眾傳播媒體來傳佈,達到宣傳與推動節能減碳觀念與政策的功效。第三部份則 是針對媒體閱聽人進行研究,瞭解節能減碳議題上,媒體形式、傳播內容與不同閱聽族 群間的關聯性,釐清閱聽人的媒體使用行為,進而發展節能減碳媒體科學素養能力指標 與進行閱聽人的教育推廣活動,讓全民皆有節能減碳的認知與參與。 總結來說,本研究期待能跳脫傳統教育管道來推動科學知識與節能減碳資訊的思 維,希望藉由大眾傳播媒體的協助,更廣泛與有效率的推動相關政策,以達到政策推動 事半功倍的成效。
Under the universal trend of energy-saving and carbon-reduction, mass media plays a very important channel in terms of communicating those foremost concepts with mass audience. Therefore, the role of mass media has become a significant agenda for the government to spread ideas of energy-saving and carbon-reduction and to take the policy into actions. This project includes three parts. The first part of the study focuses on news reporters and tries to learn how reporters cover scientific news, how they collect material for their needs of news coverage, and how accuracy the scientific news is in the end. The second part of the study focuses on potential reporters; i.e., the study is going to design courses to train and equip current college students at journalism and mass communication departments for them to become qualified reporters in terms of professional skills of news coverage and their scientific knowledge. In addition, those who have professional training will publish their articles about energy-saving and carbon-reduction in mass media. Finally, the study aims at exploring the relationship between audience’s media usage and their science knowledge; in addition, the study attempts to figure out why and how audience accesses to media for scientific information in general, and energy-saving and carbon-reduction in particular. In short, the third goal of this project is to develop audience’s science literacy.
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