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Title: 網際網路服務供應商運用策略聯盟之研究
A Study on the Employment of Strategic Alliance for Internet Service Providers in Taiwan
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學大眾傳播研究所
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2006
Publisher: 南華大學傳播管理研究所
Abstract: 隨著網際網路之快速發展,網際網路服務產業競爭激烈,網際網路服務供應商(Internet Service Provider, ISP)有朝向策略聯盟發展或以策略聯盟方式結合網際網路內容服務供應商(Internet Content Provider, ICP)成為網際網路傳播媒體。為了解臺灣ISP產業運用策略聯盟之現況以及臺灣ICP產業與其他ICP業者、應用軟體服務供應商(Application Service Provider, ASP)業者及非網路企業進行策略聯盟之類型與動機,探討臺灣ISP產業策略聯盟實際運作績效與影響策略聯盟成功關鍵因素,本研究針對臺灣ISP產業運用策略聯盟之現況進行探討,研究對象為臺灣地區ISP業者,以問卷調查法進行資料蒐集及分析,並選擇代表性個案進行深度訪談;得到策略聯盟夥伴家數與ISP業者規模呈現正相關、產業策略聯盟之類型以資源互補、提升競爭力、擴大佔有率為主等結論。
Due to the dramatic evolution of computer and information technologies and severe competition in the internet service industry in recent years, more internet service providers (ISPs) have consistently employed strategic alliances, such as with internet content providers, to strengthen their abilities to compete. To explore the current developments in the ISP industry, this study utilized two methods, a questionnaire survey and in-depth interviews to discover: (1) the current employment of strategic alliances in the ISP industry; (2) ISPs’ performances after joining strategic alliances; and (3) factors influencing successful strategic alliances for ISPs. The study found that 92 percent of the ISPs in Taiwan engage in strategic alliances with other enterprises. In addition, the types of alliances in which most ISPs engage in Taiwan are marketing alliances, service alliances, and information alliances. Finally, more than 90 percent of ISPs which engage in strategic alliances are reported to be successful in terms of sales amount or revenue. The important factors influencing successful strategic alliances are: benefit sharing, mutual trust, strategy-based consideration, and ease of communication.
ISSN: 1681-8865
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_H0903_01_054
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