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Title: 台灣電視名嘴(專職電視新聞評論員)職業生涯與工作型態研究
A Study on the Careers and Performances of Taiwan's Professional Television Commentators
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學大眾傳播研究所
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究將以進年來新興的一種傳播工作角色---電視名嘴為研究對象,探討其職業生涯與工作型態。所謂電視名嘴,在本研究中被界定為:以接電視談話性節目通告為生,未在媒體之外任何其他機構擔任領有固定薪俸正職的電視新聞評論員。 近年來,電視名嘴在談話性節目中的發言內容,經常被閱聽人或政治菁英披評為名嘴治國或名嘴亂政。行政院國家通訊傳播委員會也認為,有必要修改廣電三法,以規範電視名嘴的發言內容。但電視名嘴究竟是如何進入此一新興傳播工作領域、進入此一工作領域後有何職業生涯規畫、其日常工作型態為何、與電視談話性節目製作單位如何互動、以及如何認知自身的社會影響力及社會責任,都還是一般社會大眾或傳播學界不完全了解的問題,也因此對如何建立電視名嘴的工作規範,尚無共識。 有鑒於過去非常有限的相關研究,多半以電視談話性節目的整體內容型態,或談話性節目閱聽人特質為研究焦點;並未從結構性或制度面的角度,深入剖析電視名嘴的發言取向或論述風格的影響因素,本研究決定藉由深度訪談電視名嘴及談話性節目製作團隊成員,有系統而完整地探索名嘴文化或名嘴現象的各個面向,以便日後進一步思考如何建構名嘴的專業倫理與工作規範。這將是國內第一項以電視名嘴為主體的專題研究,研究成果應有助於釐清名嘴文化的核心本質。
This study aims at exploring the job career and performance patterns of Taiwan’s professional TV news commentators, that is, the so-called “famous mouths” appeared in TV’s talk show programs. In recent years, these famous mouths had been criticized by many audience members or political elites as a critical source of the political turmoil of Taiwan’s society. The National Communication Commission (NCC) in Taiwan also agreed that there is a need to build up a set of professional codes for the famous mouths to make sure that their performance will have positive social functions to the society. However, due to the lack of research findings on the job career and performance patterns of the famous mouths, it is actually difficult to further discuss what will be the appropriate ethic codes for these newly emerging professional communicators. Therefore, the researcher of this study believes that it is necessary to unveil the mystery of the so-called famous mouth culture or famous mouth phenomenon by in-depth interviewing these professional TV news commentators so as to find out the institutional or structural factors underlying the controversial performance of the famous mouths. In other words, it will be too vague to deliberate the professional ethics of famous mouth unless the major facts of the famous mouth culture could be systematically explored in an empirical study like this one. It is actually the significance of this research project.
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