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Title: 以CEFR為基礎之數位華語文行動學習載具之研發
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學華語文學科;國立臺灣師範大學應用電子科技學系
Issue Date: 17-Dec-2010
Abstract: 在數位化時代語言學習機是學習第二語言不可或缺的重要工具,以往語言學習機大 部分所服務的對象為英語、日語學習者,而有鑑於全球化趨勢,華語成為廣大非華語系 國家之人士所學習的語言,為增進華語文學習者之學習效果,本研究是利用行動學習概 念,將數位化的華語文教材導入行動學習載具中。在本計劃中將以現有的開發平台,配 合軟體開發工具以及子計畫三之評量系統、子計畫一之教材,植入數位化華語文行動學 習工具軟體,以達到外國人士有效率學習華語文之目標。為了驗證華語文行動學習機之 效益,我們也會利用外國華語文學習者來進行相關實驗,取得數據回饋我們的行動學習 教材。利用現有的硬體架構整合華語文學習軟體,使得使用華語文學習機的學生能夠隨 時隨地而且更有效果、更有效率的學習。預期其系統架構能夠達成(1)字的學習;(2)詞 彙的學習;(3)句子的學習;(4)發音的學習;(5)會話的學習;(6)情境的學習,以及其 他能使用多媒體應用之華語文教材。
It is an important and necessary equipment for leaning second language on language learning machine in digital era. Language learning machine served for students who were learning English and Japanese most before. But for globalization, Chinese has been becoming the major language which is learned for the other countries which does not use Chinese. For our goal to make foreigners learning Chinese more efficient, we will use a design studio to transplant those courseware developed on project-3 and project-1 with software develop kit to our mobile learning machine. We will take an experiment that subject are foreigners to verify the benefits of our mobile learning machine, catching those data we can analysis it and it will help us to improve our machine. Hardware frameworks mate the Chinese learning software can make those students who use mobile learning machine to learn more ubiquitous, effective and efficient. We expect our system frameworks can help students to (1) Chinese words learning;(2) Chinese vocabularies learning;(3) Chinese sentences learning;(4)Chinese pronounces learning;(5) Chinese conversations learning;(6) Chinese situational learning, and apply other hypermedia Chinese courseware on our mobile learning machine.
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