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Title: 全球僑校華語教學志工之專業師培與海外合作推展研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學華語文教學系暨研究所
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2012
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 本計畫屬於應用型研究,預定為期三年,旨在探討海外各地區的僑校華語教 學,預定培訓百位以上樂於為海外華語教育奉獻之華語志願者教師,並結合海外 僑校組織,建立合作模式,分赴亞、歐、美之至少六個國家展開短中期的華語教 學工作,並進行實地調查研究,以期建立長期性之國際華語教學志工機制。 由於海外華人人數已增至四千萬人,在全球各地成立了數千所僑校,但合格 的教師卻奇缺,教師多半未經過正規的華語教學訓練,另方面各地之華裔華語教 學已逐漸從傳統母語式轉為「以中文為第二語言教育」,並逐漸朝向與主流學校 融合的趨勢,故僑校在華語師資及教材教法都亟求更臻專業的發展。 本計畫之目的包括: 1. 深入分析多國的僑校〈中文學校〉現況及其華語教學發展狀況及需求。 2. 發展適合於各地僑校學生之華語教學課堂活動及教材教法。 3. 培訓我國華語教學相關系所學生及一般華語教師在海外僑校任教之專業能 力。 4. 與國內僑委員及海外各地之中文學校組織合作,於寒暑假派遣志工至海外擔 任短期志工教師,或任教一學期甚至一學年。 5. 建立與各地區中文教學組織的長期合作模式。 6. 建立永續經營方法,成立類似Peace Corp 的僑教華語志工教師之組織。 本研究採系統化規畫,經過分析、設計、發展、實施、評鑑之過程,建構出 具體可行的海外僑教志工模式,為海外僑教華語奠下長遠之發展基礎。
This project is an applied study with a term of 3 years. It aims to investigate the current development and situations of overseas Chinese heritage schools in different countries. Over 100 qualified voluntary teachers will be trained through a professional training program hold by the research team. The research team will also develop a workable model to collaborate with several overseas Chinese schools organizations, in order to send out volunteers to some countries in Asia, American and Europe. Since the population of overseas Chinese is up to 40 millions, thousands Chinese schools has been founded for delivering the Chinese heritage, especially the Chinese language, to next generation. However, they suffered by lacking of well-trained teachers. Besides, the so-called “Chinese heritage education” has gradually moved from native language teaching to second language teaching. Thus, there are great needs to call for the change that requires professional teachers, effective pedagogies and new textbooks in overseas Chinese heritage education. The purposes and objectives of this research include: 1. Investigating the needs and the current situation of Chinese heritage education in different countries. 2. Developing suitable instructional methods, pedagogies and activities for Chinese heritage students. 3. Preparing the voluntary Chinese teachers through a qualified teacher training program. 4. Sending voluntary teachers to overseas Chinese schools to teach for short-term or middle-term. 5. Establishing an efficient collaboration model with overseas Chinese school associations/organizations. 6. Establishing a non-profit organization for volunteer teachers and its executive model. The above research objectives will be reached through a systematic approach including analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation.
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