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Title: 台灣華語文學術研究1997-2010走向評析:碩士論文分析
Research and trends in Chinese as a second language from 1997-2010: a content analysis of master theses
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學華語文教學系暨研究所
Issue Date: 3-Sep-2010
Abstract: 近年來,全球的華語文學習人數大幅成長,對於華語師資的需求量持續增加,推動華語文的項目也越來越多。本文是以臺灣地區的華語文學術研究作為分析的對象,以臺灣最早成立的國立臺灣師範大學華語文教學研究所學位論文,分析從二十世紀進入二十一世紀臺灣華語文學術研究的發展趨勢。國立臺灣師範大學華語文教學研究所目前每年招收碩、博士共約35名,計有18個國籍的外籍生,外籍生約佔學生總人數的1/3。截至2010年統計,至少已有250篇學位論文。
The population of L2 Chinese1 learners has been increasing dramatically in recent years. The demand for qualified Chinese teachers is high. More and more initiatives promote learning and teaching Chinese as a Second Language. The Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language of NTNU is the first established academic organization in Taiwan. It accepts on average 35 graduate and Ph.D. students per year. About 1/3 of the students are international students with 18 different nationalities. More than 250 master theses have been completed since 1997. This study employs content analysis of theses completed by 2010 to observe the trends of academic research on Chinese as a second language in Taiwan.
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