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Title: 整合中介語習得理論及語音辨識技術之網路華語發音教學系統
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學華語文教學系暨研究所
Issue Date: 5-Jun-2005
Abstract: 本文主要描述一個結合中介語習得理論,以及語音辨識技術,用於網路華語發音 教學之系統。首先利用中介語研究、分析的方法,分析特定母語的學習者因為受 到母與影響所經常發生的錯誤型態,然後將這些錯誤型態加入語音辨識的辨識文 法中,進而利用語音辨識的技術,辨識出學習者實際發生的錯誤,最後根據這些 錯誤,提供適當的回饋與指引,供學習者矯正使用。
This paper describes an internet Mandarin pronunciation training system that combines the theory of interlanguage studies and the technologies of speech recognition. By analysis of interlanguage corpus from nonnative Mandarin learners, the frequently occurred pronunciation errors were collected. The grammar of speech recognition for a specific word is based on these possible errors. Therefore, the speech recognition engine can identify the pronunciation errors of the learners. A corrective feedback for the specific error will be provided and the learners can correct their pronunciation according to the feedback.
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