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Title: 在地視角---檳城同盟會與黃花崗起義的省思
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學應用華語文學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2011
Abstract: 孫中山的革命事業得到南洋華人的支持,關係密切,論者每有論及。然一般大中華 地區的討論,皆以新加坡華人與孫中山的關係之研究居多,新加坡之外,其他地區與孫 中山或辛亥革命之關係,則不免受到忽略。殊不知孫中山在革命事業陷入低潮之時,曾 五次來馬來西亞的檳榔嶼。1910 年,他將「同盟會南洋總機關部」由新加坡遷到檳榔嶼, 並在此開設「檳城閱書報社」以及創辦《光華日報》,召開「庇能會議」,籌備廣州三二 九的「黃花崗起義」,皆顯示檳城之重要程度。 本計劃擬透過檳城同盟會與黃花崗起義之相關問題與檢討,分析檳城華人在海外, 如何參與孫中山先生革命事業,檳城華人在黃花崗起義的角色,最後並以當時人之著作 與材料,以及事後追憶,綜合筆者看法,省思檳城同盟會成員在黃花崗起義的作為,同 時以其事後的處境與看法,說明海外華人參與原鄉革命的看法。在進行上述研究時,筆 者將留意檳城華人身家背景與社會關係,以說明本主題之研究,如何有助我們理解檳城 的華人。筆者亦擬以過往之對檳城華人研究之基礎,以不同層面的角度進行分析。本計 劃嘗試把檳城華人參與孫中山的事業的過程與結果,以及後續之影響,採取東南亞學者 研究華人之觀點,以及當地之角度切入討論。透過資料收集和實地訪查,理解檳城同盟 會參與黃花崗起義的過程、難題和意義,以及對當時之檳城華人的意義,在中華民國創 立一百週年之際,竟除了回應與加強對黃花崗起義的理解,也特別著重在地華人社會之 看法。
Sun Yat-sen 's revolutionary cause by the support of the Nanyang Chinese , and commentators have discussed each . However, a general discussion of the Greater China region is mainly focused on the relationship between Singapore Chinese and the Study of Sun Yat-sen majority , in addition to Singapore , other parts of the relationship with the Sun or the 1911 Revolution , then inevitably be overlooked. Sun Yat-sen at the time of the revolutionary cause of a low ebb , has five to Penang, Malaysia .He will " total body League Southeast Asia Department , " moved to Penang from Singapore , and in this open , " the newspaper Penang read the book , "and founded " Kwong Wah Yit Poh , " held a " shelter to the meeting , " the preparation of Guangzhou on March 29 the " Huanghuagang Uprising " , all show the importance of Penang . The plan proposed by the Penang Tongmenghui and the Huanghuagang Uprising related problems and a review of Penang Chinese overseas , how to participate in the revolutionary cause of Sun Yat-sen , Penang Chinese uprising in Huanghuagang role,and to reflect the Tongmenghui members to reflect on Penang Huanghuagang uprising as the same time, and views the situation after its shows overseas Chinese participation in the revolutionary view of the original village . Conducting the study , the author will pay attention to the Chinese in Penang 's background and social relations , to illustrate the theme of how to help us understand the Chinese in Penang .
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