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Title: 商務華語文化研究:商務華語教材文化深度分析暨職場跨文化溝通實證研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學應用華語文學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2013
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 商務華語屬於專業華語(Chinese for Specific Purposes,簡稱CSP)之範疇,其教學目標以 培養學生具有某種商業領域的技能為主,在文化教學上比一般生活華語(Chinese for General Purposes,簡稱CGP)更具重要性,因此必須重新制定商務文化教學策略,以符合教學所需。 目前坊間所出版的商務華語教材,對於培養學習者跨文化溝通技能皆十分重視,但教材之編 寫重心並不相同。本計畫將針對兩岸地區常見的10 部初級商務華語教材,深入分析課文內容 領域和商務文化教學設計之整體情況。 其次,本計畫將訪談3~6 家外商及跨國企業之人力部門主管,分析外籍員工在公司組織 內部的跨文化溝通能力與障礙;並針對30~35 名不同企業的外籍員工進行問卷調查,以明瞭 外籍職工在台灣地區進行商務工作,所面臨之跨文化溝通障礙為何。本計畫將針對訪談資料 與問卷內容深入分析,以提出在台外籍職工之文化教學重心與策略。 整體而言,本計畫研究的主要目的有以下四點: (1)進行10 部初級商務華語教材之課文內容領域和商務文化教學設計分析。 (2)對3~6 家外商及跨國企業之人力部門主管進行深度訪談並提出質性分析。 (3)對30~35 名不同企業的外籍員工進行問卷調查,並進行問卷量化分析。 (4)提出商務華語教材應規畫的文化教學內容與教學策略,以符合商務活動之實際需求。
Business Chinese is an important branch of Chinese for Specific Purposes (CSP). CSP aims to help students with professional language use and communication skills. However, language and culture are closely related. Cultural study in CSP is far more important and specific than that in the field of teaching and learning of general/living Chinese. It is crucial to design appropriate cultural content and teaching strategy for Business Chinese learners. Currently, most Business Chinese teaching materials do not ignore the importance of cultural study; however, the focuses are greatly diversified. This project plans to begin with an analysis of ten popular fundamental Business Chinese textbooks to identify the cultural content delivered in both overseas and domestic Business Chinese classrooms. Moreover, further in-depth interviews and survey will be carried out to explore corporate executives’ as well as foreign employees’ views on the needs of and obstacles to achieving successful intercultural business communication. With this research results, the researchers hope to shed light on the culture study in the field of Business Chinese teaching and learning and make further recommendations on future teaching methodology and curriculum design. In general, the major goals of this project are as follows: (1)Analyze 10 major Business Chinese textbooks (of fundamental level) in terms of the business culture teaching and learning. (2)Conduct qualitative study through in-depth interviews with executives of multicultural / multinational / international firms. (3)Conduct survey on foreign employees’ viewpoints and needs of learning Business Chinese and culture. (4)Make recommendation on teaching strategies and content of cultural study for Business Chinese courses in order to meet the corporate needs.
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