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Title: The Fall-Redemption Theme and the Function of the "Spots of Time" in Wordsworth's Prelude
Authors: Yu-san Yu
Issue Date: Jan-2002
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: This paper discusses in detail the fall-redemption theme and the function of the “spots of time” in Wordsworth’s autobiographical poem, The Prelude. I argue that, first, the fall-redemption theme found in the spots of time is not confined to Books X and XI of the poem, but extends to the last two books as well. Secondly, the renovating power of the spots of time passages works thematically and structurally on two levels to restore the poet’s own personal spiritual self and to redeem humanity.
Other Identifiers: 513C4EE0-BD1B-E37B-F192-8030D2799B18
Appears in Collections:Concentric: Studies in English Literature and Linguistics

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