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Title: 科幻小說與科幻影片對激發國中生產品設計創意的效益
Other Titles: The Stimulating Effects of Science Fiction Books and Films on the Product-Design Creativity of Middle School Students
Authors: 林坤誼
Kuen-Yi Lin
Issue Date: Sep-2012
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究的主要目的著重在探究透過科幻小說與科幻影片以激發八年級學生產品設計創意的效益,而為了達到此一目的,本研究主要採用準實驗研究的不等組前後測設計,並針對四個班級共137 位八年級學生進行教學實驗。依據本研究資料分析的結果,主要獲致以下研究結論:一、善用科幻影片較科幻小說能有助於提升國中生的產品設計創意;二、依據國中生的圖像型認知風格以規劃適性的科幻影片實作活動,有助於提升其在產品設計創意的表現;三、不同認知風格的國中生在產品設計實作活動中,未必皆能妥善運用其表徵方式以解決問題,故教師在實作教學過程中仍需要給予適切的引導與協助。
For this study, we compared the stimulating effects of science fiction books and films on thedesign creativity of eighth grade middle school students. Four classes totaling 137 students participated in the study. We compared the design creativity of 2 learning groups: one group read science fiction books, whereas the other watched science fiction films. This study adopted a quasi-experimental design, using a creativity assessment packet as a pretest and a product-design creativity scale as a posttest. An analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) showed that (1) the effective use of science fiction films stimulated students’ design creativity more than did science fiction reading;(2) planning suitable activities based on students’ visual cognitive styles was effective in improving students’ design creativity; and (3) because of differences in cognitive style, not all students could apply their ideas when solving problems. Therefore, teachers needed to offer guidance and help students during hands-on learning activities.
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