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Title: 分散式領導與專業學習社群之建構:一所高中教學創新計畫的個案研究
Other Titles: Distributed Leadership and Professional Learning Community: A Case Study of Innovative Teaching in a High School
Authors: 陳佩英
Pei-Ying Chen
Chuan-Chin Chiao  
Issue Date: Mar-2009
Publisher: 國立臺灣師大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本文探討高級中學參與國科會之高瞻計畫,建構專業學習社群,發展專業知能,開發科學教育新課程與創新教學。本研究為個案研究,資料蒐集方式主要有,與十位參與計畫成員進行訪談、焦點團體討論和文件分析法。研究結果經與文獻對話之後,研究者採用「分散式領導」的「溝通約定」和「實踐系統」作為研究分析架構,探析學習團隊之專業領導形塑和發展歷程。研究發現,專業學習社群之發展與實踐系統之設計密切相關,涉及各發展階段之溝通約定內涵。本研究藉由理論與個案解析,從學習社群的建構歷程建構了分散式領導實踐之分析架構,可據以規劃或探析如高瞻計畫或其他不同目標、層次或規模之教學創新計畫,並可提供關於教學創新之啟發性理解與研究取徑,作為教師專業發展、課程與教學創新,以及改革型計畫之設計原則等相關政策擬訂之參考。
This article examines how a high school, based on the "High Scope Program," has built a professional learning community, acquired professional knowledge and skills, and developed new courses and innovative teaching methods in science education. The concept of distributed leadership is employed for analyzing the evolving process of professional learning community. A case study of a high school is used for data collection. It includes participative observation, 10 participants' interviews, focus group discussions, and document analysis. The study reveals that the professional learning community has evolved along with the construction of the "system of practices" and the "artifacts" created by the research team aligned with the shared vision and practices. It sheds new light on the research strategies and heuristic understanding of the relationship between collective learning and innovative teaching. The conceptual framework of this study is capable to be applied to the designing or analysis of the "High Scope Program" or other innovative teaching projects of various purposes, levels, or scales. It also generates rich policy implications in teachers' professional development, curriculum and teaching innovation, and the designing principles of reform projects.
Other Identifiers: E0AFC462-1A23-0267-D759-E84A0FD16A23
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