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Title: 近60年來臺灣教育史學發展的回顧與省思
Other Titles: Retrospection and Introspection on Historiography of Taiwanese Education in the Past 60 Years
Authors: 彭煥勝
Huan-Sheng Peng 
Issue Date: Mar-2009
Publisher: 國立臺灣師大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 回顧近60年來臺灣教育史研究的課題取向與研究方法,教育史研究不再是教育系所獨占,而是加入歷史系所等其他領域的參與;教育系所在教育史研究方法過去較不講求一手史料的徵引與問題意識提出的解釋觀點。教育史學科的課程發展上,逐漸退出師資培育課程,有從大學部課程轉入研究所專題研究的趨向。教育系所在教育史的發展有三項危機:一、教育史研究的人才斷層問題;二、教育史的研究取向與方法方面有待強化問題;三、教育史在教育系所課程地位消長的問題。針對這三項危機,研究者提出三項轉機建議:一、擴大教育史學研究課題與吸納歷史系所在史學方法的運用;二、重視當前教育改革問題,以歷史思維教改的全球化與本土化辯證;三、兼顧教育史研究的學術性與通俗性作品,活潑教育史的教學。
As technique and praxis have held the reins of Taiwanese education in the past six decades, the subjects of educational history have a tendency of marginalization. This provokes a crisis in the study of historiography of Taiwanese education. Recently there has been little doctoral dissertation on history of education in department of education. The study of educational history is facing a discontinued phenomenon. There are three crises for department of education on the development of educational history: (1) the discontinued problem of educational history researchers; (2) the problem of reinforcing study orientation and method of educational history; (3) the vicissitudes of educational history subject in the curricula of department of education. In light of these three crises, researcher makes three suggestions of turning point: (1) to broaden the study themes of educational history and imbibe the historical method applied to department of history; (2) to appreciate the problems of current educational reform and think over historically the global and local debate about educational reform; (3) to research both academic and popular themes and enliven the teaching of educational history.
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