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Title: 魏氏兒童智力量表第四版建構內涵之探討
Other Titles: What Does the WISC-IV Measure? Validation of the Scoring and CHC-based Interpretative Approaches
Authors: 陳心怡
Timothy Z. Keith
Hsin-Yi Chen
Timothy Z. Keith
Yung-Hwa Chen
Ben-Sheng Chang
Issue Date: Sep-2009
Publisher: 國立臺灣師大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究目的在分析魏氏兒童智力量表第四版(WISC-IV)所測量之認知內涵。根據臺灣標準化樣本(n = 968),研究者以高階驗證性因素分析針對「WISC-IV現行計分依據之四因素模式」及「Cattell-Horn-Carroll(CHC)認知理論模式」兩種架構進行系列性效度驗證。主要研究發現為:一、不同年齡組兒童展現一致的WISC-IV 建構內涵,亦即研究中報告的建構解釋方式適用於 6-16 歲之各年齡層兒童;二、「WISC-IV 四因素模式」及「CHC 認知理論模式」二者均為合理且具意義之詮釋方式,且二架構所解釋到之分數變異量相當一致。其中,高階g因素約解釋2/3 之共同變異量,而其他初階因素則解釋到1/3 之共同變異量;三、在CHC 認知理論模式下,WISC-IV 測量之認知能力有結晶智力(Gc),視覺處理(Gv),流體推理(Gf),短期/工作記憶(Gsm)及處理速度(Gs)。值得注意的是,不論將Gf 與Gv 依CHC 理論分開解釋,或容許二者結合成WISC-IV 四因素內之知覺推理因素(PRI),兩種建構在本研究中均獲支持為可行詮釋方式;四、不論採哪一種理論模式,算術分測驗均明顯呈現跨因素負荷量(split loadings)。算術分測驗測量到多種內涵,其中包括流體推理能力(Gf),短期/工作記憶(Gsm),以及結晶智力(Gc)。
The validity of WISC-IV current four-factor scoring structure and the Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC) theory-based models of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fourth Edition (WISC-IV) were investigated via the application of higher-order confirmatory factor analyses of scores from the Taiwan WISC-IV standardized sample (n = 968). Results reveal that the WISC-IV measures the same construct across ages, the resulting interpretation could be applied to children with various age levels. Both the four-factor structure and CHC-based model were supported. Variance explained was similar across models. The general factor accounted for 2/3 of common variance. First order factors, in total, contributed an additional 1/3 of common variance. The WISC-IV measures crystallized ability (Gc), visual processing (Gv), fluid reasoning (Gf), short-term and working memory (Gsm), and processing speed (Gs). In particular, either separating Gf and Gv, or combining them as the Perceptual Reasoning Index (PRI) provides meaningful explanation. Arithmetic showed significant and split loadings. For children in Taiwan, Arithmetic appears a reflection of Gsm/Gf and Gc.
Other Identifiers: 959DF87C-7FB4-9483-EFE8-7F64B13DA270
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