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Title: 以結構方程式探討家庭教育資源、學習態度、班級互動在學習成效的作用
Other Titles: The Effects of Family Resources, Learning Attitudes and Class Interaction on Academic Performances by Using Structure Equation Modeling
Authors: 蕭佳純
Chia-Chun Hsiao
Yuk-Ying Tung
Meng-Shya Rau
Issue Date: Jun-2009
Publisher: 國立臺灣師大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究利用中央研究院2001 年釋出之TEPS 資料庫第一梯次國中一年級的調查問卷,樣本數為3,214 人,探討家庭教育資源、學習態度、班級互動,以及學習成效四者之間的關係,並結合相關實證研究,建構出以家庭教育資源為前置變項,學習態度、班級互動為中介變項,學習成效為結果變項的結構方程模式,以探討家庭教育資源對學習成效的因果機制。研究結果顯示,家庭教育資源對於學習態度以及學習成效確實有直接效果,其中對學習成效的直接效果為負,班級互動對於學習成效也為負向直接影響,學習態度對於班級互動以及學習成效有直接效果。此外,班級互動扮演家庭教育資源、學習態度對學習成效的中介效果。據此,本研究提出相關討論與建議。
The purpose of this study was to find out the relationships among family resources, learning attitudes, class interaction, and academic performances. Sample, including 3,214 freshmen of junior high school students, was drawn from Surveys of Taiwan Education Panel Survey in 2001. According to the results of previous empirical research, the study tried to build up a causal model of family resources as an exogenous variable and academic performances as an endogenous variable. Moreover, in the model, the impact of class interaction and learning attitudes also played a role of mediated variables. The findings of the study showed that students who had more family resources were more likely to have higher learning attitudes, but lower academic performances. Additionally, there were inverse relationships between class interaction and academic performances. Learning attitudes also directly influenced the situation of class interaction and academic performances. Finally, class interaction had mediated effects on the relationships among family resources, learning attitudes, and academic performances. This study also proposed some relevant suggestions.
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