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Title: 女性的愛與關懷—張淑慧繪畫創作解析
Authors: 林仁傑
Keywords: 女性藝術

Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: 女性藝術在後現代的藝術中扮演非常重要的角色,也可以說後現代的藝術因為加入了女性藝術這一環而更加凸顯其時代特色。本研究旨在釐清自己的作品在女性藝術中的特性以及今後努力的方向,裨能因此提昇個人的創作水平。本研究的創作主軸界定在女性藝術,而不涉及女性主義藝術。縱向是以陰性美學的女性觀點、以女性的生活經驗和女性意識為主要探討;橫向則以「男性藝術史」的視角來闡明個人繪畫的學理依據。 本論文研究的領域以探討女性藝術的風格和精神為中心,第一章,研究動機,旨在喚醒女性應積極關懷現代人類、社會和自身的問題。第二章,文獻探討,企圖從歷史上所記載的少數女性藝術家的相關資料中找到創作參考。女性藝術的價值標準是不同於男性的;女性創造出來的圖像也應該不同於男性;幾位在歷史上有記載的女性藝術家的畫呈現的風貌,跟男性和現代女性主義藝術家創作的作品之間的差異性。 第三章,創作思想和理論基礎,以真誠性為一貫精神,以崇高性為理想。分西洋現代繪畫思想之衝擊、中國文人畫之薰陶、東洋繪畫和佛教思想等五部分來說明。藉由水彩和膠彩的繪畫媒材,表達個人對女性的生活、生命以及社會角色的關注,也剖析自己身為現代女性,自己創作中的內涵和意圖。第四章,創作媒材和技法,詳細介紹自己運用的媒材、創作過程和技法。 第五章,作品解析。第六章,結論,希望藉由這次的研究和創作,引發大家對女性藝術的關注,喚起人們進一步對性別角色的瞭解,關愛自己也疼惜周遭的人們。
Women’s Love and Care---Chang, Shu-Hui’s Women Art Creation Shu-Hui Chang Abstract Women art plays a very important role in postmodernism art. With women art added, the art of postmodernism is highlighted. To increase my creating level, I should work on this subject that will clarify the characteristic of my creation in women art. The work in the study was mainly on women art, not about the art of femalism. The research focused on the style and spirit of women art. In Chapter 1, the research about motive was to remind women to care more about the problems of human beings, societies, and themselves. In Chapter 2, paper review, can help us explore the few female artists recorded in history. The criteria and value of women art are very different from those of men art. Furthermore, the images women created should also be different from those created by men. There are some differences among the few female artists’ pictures, male artists and femalism artists In Chapter 3, creation thought and theory background adopt authenticity as the consistent spirit. It can be divided into five parts: the colors of existism, the affect of Chinese scholar paintings, Oriental painting and the thought of Buddhism. I tried to express my concern over women’s ways of living, lives and their roles in the societies with watercolor and glue painting. I also try to define my content and intention as a modern woman in my work. In Chapter 4, there are the ideas of creation and the background of theory. In Chapter 5, which is about the media and techniques of creation, I detailed the material, my process of creation and techniques. In Chapter 6, conclusion, by the research and creation, I hope to invoke more concern about women art and more understanding of the role of a woman, consequently, everyone will care about not only themselves but people around them.
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