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Title: 安迪‧沃荷的後現代意識形態研究
Study on the Postmodern Ideology of Andy Warhol
Authors: 王哲雄
Cheng, Hui-wen
Keywords: 沃荷
Postmodern Art
Popular Culture
De- depth
De- pure
De- subject
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 受到現代主義追求進步的影響,現代藝術在不斷的創新過程中,始終以追求烏托邦的世界為理想,但卻忽略了藝術已經離大眾越來越遠的問題。而且,現代主義嚴肅的分割各門學科,在建立美學自主領域、追求為藝術而藝術的同時,也越來越窄化了自己的創作空間。在這種內外交迫的狀況下,現代藝術的理想逐漸顯得窒礙難行。 大眾文化本有其正面性的意義,後現代藝術裡的藝術大眾化傾向是以不帶偏見的眼光重新審視大眾文化,這種全新的態度應是後現代藝術最有意義之處。後現代藝術家不再侷限於現代主義對崇高精神的要求,他們在各種形式上與大眾文化緊密結合,總喜愛以平易近人、簡單易懂的藝術與大眾進行互動。而這樣的後現代藝術美學趣味,在六○年代時就已出現在沃荷的藝術創作中。沃荷對現代藝術始終是抱持著懷疑的態度,無論是作品還是個人言行,他以「去深度性」、「去純粹性」、「去主體性」三種傾向,化解現代藝術與大眾文化的對立僵局,這種藝術思維標誌著一種後現代傾向的開端,也為後現代藝術提示了一連串的可能性。因此,今日的藝術史總會將沃荷視為形塑後現代藝術的重要人物。 本篇論文並非要全然認同大眾文化的種種,大眾文化當然有它可議之處,但是,全然的否定亦是錯誤的見解,本篇論文希望,在後現代主義的論述仍處於爭論不休的情況下,以及,在後現代藝術仍多元而龐雜的道路上,透過沃荷的後現代意識研究,或許有助於釐清六○年代以後西方藝術發展的些許脈絡,也足以認識到後現代藝術發展所產生的正面意義。
Under the effects of Modernism that aspires for progress, modern art always takes Utopia as the aim during the continuous innovation process; however, it neglects the problem that it has gone further and further away from the general public. Modernism seriously separates all disciplines, while at the same time it is establishing art’s independent fields, and creating art for arts sake. While narrowing its own creative fields. Under the trying circumstance, the ideals of Modern art seem to become difficult. The popular culture has its own positive meanings. The tendency of Postmodern art is to connect with society and revaluate the popular culture from a point of view without bias. This new attitude should be the most meaningful of Postmodern art. The artists of Postmodern art are no longer limited in the requirements of exalted ideology of Modern art. They are well-connected to popular culture, and they like to interact with public by a friendly and easily understood approach to art. This kind of fun approach to Postmodern art has been shown in Andy Warhol’s art works in the sixties. Warhol had always mistrusted Modern art both in his art works and his behavior. He used “dedepth” ”depure” “desubject” to solve the stalemate between Modern art and society. This way of thinking about art started the beginning of the Postmodern art movement as well as suggested a series of possibilities for Postmodern art. Therefore, current art history sees him as an important figure who molded Postmodern art. This thesis doesn’t totally agree with all of popular culture. Although popular culture has its own issues, totally denying it is the wrong approach. Even though Postmodern art is still being debated and on a branched routes. By looking at Warhol’s Postmodern ideology, this thesis hopes to unravel the path of western art development since the sixties.
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