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Title: 孔繁維受騷擾中的自學繪畫研究
Authors: 楊樹煌
Keywords: 精神騷擾
mental harrassment
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 個人雖是美術系本科畢業,但從來沒有學過畫畫。因此畫畫不能成為個人的專業 也不可能靠它來工作。大學時代因為對電腦的用心,而它反而成為個人日後的大 部份的工作內容。電腦維修是個人大部份的工作。 約十多年前一個惡搞的遊戲使我失去了工作。從此以後個人嘗試了各種不同的工 作,但工作中都是以惡搞為主要的目的,和實際工作不太相關。因此常年的工作 都不順利。而是近幾年才肯定的確認這只是一個惡搞的遊戲。因此個人選擇了重 新回到學校回到自己原本的畫畫領域來重新學習一個學畫者應該學習的基礎和 創作。 進入到學校,惡搞的遊戲也是進入到學校來進行騷擾和惡搞。因此個人的學習成 為一個在騷擾中的自我學習的一個過程。因此,個人只能把它記錄下來當成個人 的學習的論文。
I am Amateur painter , but graduate from college . It's means I'm study painting ,drawing my self not from school. So my paint look's little like van gogh or cezanne .so painting just a personal hobby and not to be a work to earn money. I had work for computer repair before. But some kinds of joke look's like a game that makes me to lose my job .I tried many work to do but some of mental harassment things around me .So I can't work as well .Last I decide to back to the Art school to join the program of Academy . Usually, I'm study my self in the NTNU. Because that game still in my place . When I work a verbal harassment words come to me .maybe that's just a joke .but it's make my drawing deforming .I can't drawing . so I must to try to defeat it . I try to use music with earphone to defeat that verbal harassment repeat everyday. Sometimes I must to work slowly . But my work still hard to me . Now, I write down this my study process experience to make my thesis.
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