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Title: 簡化概念於中文字體創作之研究
The research of the art design about simplifying Chinese Characters
Authors: 林俊良
Wang, hsu-chun
Keywords: 簡化
Type Design
Chinese Character
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本創作研究旨在探討漢字造形的簡化,整理出臺灣、中國、日本三地的漢字簡化過程並歸納其方法。而從現代漢字造形設計的面向來說,主要期望能突破以往樣式,從漢字原本繁複的樣貌中逃脫,不只是在文字造形上做變化,更要在不減損功能性的原則下改變文字外貌;以「簡少」、「省略」、「刪除」等方向來思考漢字之可能。經由設計案例的收集與分析,歸納出六種漢字簡化之方式,有「線條省略」、「連筆或共筆」、「局部省略」、「符號代替」、「輪廓化」,及「其他」。其他之屬為較無規則或混合運用以上五種方法者,難以歸納故將其併作一類。 本論從六種簡化法當中,選則「線條省略」、「連筆或共筆」、「輪廓化」三種進行模組設計。 (一)線條省略:將漢字線條區分為 18 種,經書寫測試後制定每種之省略規 則。 (二)連筆或共筆:將漢字筆劃排列組合分為 25 種,經舉書法字例後,整理出其中常見 12 種。 (三)輪廓化:沿文字外形框廓描繪即成,無特定規則,以容易辨識為基準,而在處理辨識度上有 4 要點。 本論以此三種簡化規則輔以漢字設計要素,進行簡化漢字造形創作,將之應用於平面設計上,並以 Time on Paper 為題創作生活紙用品,依照各商品之特性、形式,搭配合宜的文詞字句來規劃、設計,將本研究之簡化漢字造形理念實踐於其中。
The study is aimed to explore the simplification of Chinese character modeling, collect the simplification process of Chinese characters in Taiwan, Mainland China and Japan and conclude the methods. From the perspective of modern Chinese character modeling design, it is mainly expected to break through the previous patterns and to get out of the original complicated character patterns. It not only changes in the character modeling but also changes character appearance without breaking its function. The study considers the Chinese characters from the possible methods of simplification, omission and deletion. Through the collection and analysis of design cases, the study concludes six simplification methods of Chinese characters which are line omission, joined-up writing, partial omission, symbol replacement, outlining and others. The others mean random or mix use of the above five methods. Hence, they are treated as one category for they are difficult to classify. In the study, line omission, joined-up writing and outlining are selected to conduct the model design in the six simplification methods. 1. Line omission: Chinese character lines are divided into 18 types for which the omission principles are figured out after writing tests. 2. Joined-up writing: Stroke combinations of Chinese character can fall into 25 types. After the examples of calligraphy cases, it concludes 12 common types. 3. Outlining: It has no specific regulation but portrays the outline of Chinese character. It is easy to identify and has four key points in dealing with the eligibility. The study takes the above three simplification regulations to assist the design elements of Chinese character, conducts the creation of simplified Chinese character and applies them in the graphic design. Moreover, Time on Paper is used as the theme in the creation of life tissue paper. In accordance with the commodity characteristics and patterns, proper words and sentences are collocated in the planning and design, applying the principle of simplified Chinese characters in the study in the practice.
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