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Title: 印刷設計應用於繪本創作之研究
On How Printing Designs Apply in the Creation of Picture Books
Authors: 林俊良
Keywords: 印刷設計
Design of printing
picture book
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract:  本創作研究旨在探討設計印刷與繪本之間的關係,和印刷設計應用於繪本時的視覺傳達力,研究方式是將市面上符合研究主題範疇的繪本收集,並整理成條列式的樣本歸納表,試圖從中理出印刷加工和繪本情緒目的表現的模組規則,並將其規則性應用於本創作研究之作品中。   首先分析印刷設計和繪本的定義、特質和類別,從幼兒心理發展談起再接到繪本與幼兒發展之關係,並藉由定義研究範疇內的感知繪本。進而探討研究範疇中的感知繪本的功能性和印刷加工的,並舉102項實際市面繪本為例來進行整理與分析,藉此整理出主角性、擬真、交換性、增加視覺感受、視野擴大、問答、時空轉換與功能性等八大情緒目的來與印刷設計項目作對應,製作出歸納表並用來應用於創作,並從中來得知是否能使此對應表成為一個繪本設計模組,在設計繪本前得以用來作為印刷設計的應用參考。最後檢討創作及研究過程的心得,檢視其作品與對應表的歸納性,期待印刷設計於繪本的應用能更發展,使兒童成長得到正面的影響,並給予印刷設計在繪本領域中更多發展可能性。
This study aimed to explore the visual relationship between the design of printing and picture books, organized the printing process's techniques and trying to sort out the rules of printing processing and picture books' emotional purpose, and put the rules into the creation of works. First, analysis of the definition, characteristics and categories of print processing and picture books, talk about the relationship between picture books and early childhood development from early childhood psychological development. Total 102 picture books which pick up from the market to explore the print processing skills of picture books in the areas of study,and used as examples to organize and analyze to sort out the 8 emotions purposes that could be expressed in printing process (lead, realistic, exchange, increase the visual effects, vision expanded, Q& A, space-time conversion, and functionality), and created summarized tables. Then, used the summarized tables to be the creation base to design a picture book that fit in.Look forward to the design of printing on the picture books development, so that children can grow up in a positive impact, and to improve the design standards of children's books.
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