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Title: 親密的秩序:食物‧人─邱燕君膠彩創作論述
The Intimate Order:Food‧Human being ─ The Professional Essay and Glue Color Painting Work of Chiu, Yen-Chun
Authors: 程代勒
Keywords: 水墨膠彩
Glue color painting
dietary culture
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本研究以生活中的食物與人的關係作為探討對象,食物與人的關係是長久且深遠的,從人類學的角度來看,最早可以追溯至文明的起源。而日常生活中食物與人更有不同層次的互動關係,從物質文化的角度來看,物質使我們在社會中與他人產生聯繫,作為中介,得以分享彼此價值、活動與生活方式。聚焦於食物上,則食物在不同場合,不同文化裡有著多重的意涵,並且與人的生活密不可分。 從文明的起源到飲食結構的變化中,探討食物在不同時空背後的意義。若關照於繪畫中的食物,則將中國及歐美繪畫演變中的各種食物形象梳理出來。從早期繪畫中的食物到二十世紀食物的意義演變,再到當代有關食物的繪畫討論,從中找出自己的創作脈絡與歷史關係,最後透過梳理出自己的創作脈絡,找到作者的創作定位。 經過上述的資料整理,作者試著透過對食物與聚餐的社會意義的論證,勾勒出人與食物之間的關係,並且透過繪畫,將食物與生命禮俗;情感堆疊與聚餐的關聯經過美學的轉換展現出來,將人與食物、人與人之間不可見的那層「親密的秩序」捕捉呈現。
This study focuses on the the lifelong and profound relationship that people have with food in their everyday life. From an anthropological point of view, such relationships can be traced as early as in the origins of civilization and, furthermore, in the activities of daily living, people have interactions with food on different levels. From the perspective of material culture, food is the agency that connects us with other people in the society: In other words, it is the medium in which we share our sense of values, activities and lifestyle with each other. If we pay particular attention to this dietary interactions, then multiple implications of food start to reveal, in distinct occasions in different cultures, how food is inseparable from people’s everyday life. From the origins of civilization till the structural changes of dietary habits, the significance of food in different space and time with its many distinctive meanings can be extracted. The cultural development of the images of food in China and the West can be sketched by taking a closer look at the depiction of food in the Eastern and Western paintings. Comparing food depicted in the early paintings with cultural studies of food in the modern time, I am able to realize my contextual relationship to the rich pictorial tradition of food in the history of paintings as well as the position of my own artistic practice within such tradition. Expanding the various researches aforementioned, I attempt to outline the way in which people feel about and behave towards food by referencing a discourse of the social significance regarding to the type of food and the ritual of meals and, moreover, with my paintings, the association between the kinds of emotions and the activities of meals in a ritualistic dimension will be rendered visible by means of the aesthetic transformation of the Glue Color painting, so that the relational and societal dialogues between food and people, and the “intimate order” within human beings to each other can be represented and captured in my study.
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