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Title: 陳洪綬人物畫風格研究:金殷善的墨彩人物畫創作
A Study of Chen Hong-Shou` s figure painting : The Creative Chines Ink and Color Painting Artwork from Jin Yin-Shan
Authors: 林昌德
Keywords: 陳洪綬的繪畫
Chen hong-shou ` painting style
Chen hong-shou ` figure painting characteristics
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本文研究,首先於緒論處說明筆者之研究動機與目的,提出聚焦研究的範圍,並將撰寫此文所運用的研究方法。 第二章,介紹陳洪綬的繪畫藝術和風格,踏進剖析陳洪綬的藝術風格,結合他一生的經歷,以了解他的繪畫藝術天資,人文修養、社會履歷、時代環境,人格特質的交叉碰撞所形成的結果。 第三章,考察了陳洪綬早、中、晚年人物風格特色,句勒出畫家繪畫的演變歷程,追索陳洪綬的創作軌跡,並試圖建立起作品風格承接、轉換之脈絡,於作品圖象思考之演進上,建構出藝術家之創作發展歷程。 第四章,分析陳洪綬的人物畫風特色後, 陳說個人創作收到的影響。並簡述個人創作的理念,形式與風格特色的簡要列述,例如: 構圖、造型、筆墨、色彩。 第五章,舉出好幾幅作品來說明內容與形式。能了解畫出當時的感覺、思想、處於環境,還風格演變的過程。 第六章,作結論。
For this article study, first at chapter 1 – introduction interpret (put across) authors` motivation and purpose, point out the scope of the research and the method of the study. Chapter2, introduction Chen hong-shou (陳洪綬)` painting style, analyzed his artistic style, to understand his achievement artistic talent, accomplishment, social experience, time and environment and personality characteristics. Chapter3, to explore Chen hong-shou (陳洪綬)` painting style as early stage, middle stage, terminal what inspect the processing of the drawing development. Track down Chen hong-shou (陳洪綬)` artistic creation and try to establish the inheritance and transformation also construct the creative development on painting image reflections evolution. Chapter4, after analyzed Chen hong-shou (陳洪綬)` figure painting characteristics, declare the influence of the personal creation, and descript the idea of the creation. Simply descript the characteristics what for Chapter5, make example with some paintings` style, to understand the feeling and thought at that time and situation, to restore the process of the evolution. Chapter6 come to a conclusion.
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