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Title: 公園尋路標示系統中英文字編排之尋路績效及偏好度之研究與創作
A study of the typography used in park wayfinding signage systems with respect to navigation performance and user preference.
Authors: 施令紅
Keywords: 尋路行為
Signage Systems
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract:   近年來台灣城市國際化的發展,國內越來越多非華語系國家的人口成長,而在標示系統上也注意到雙語系文字標示的重要性,故在休憩的公園環境中,標示上的中英文字編排係影響到本國民與非華語系國人的視認性。在透過公園標示系統中英文字視認性之績效測量與滿意度的實驗結果所示:(一)在標楷體、中黑體與中圓體三種中文字型中,以中黑體獲得的視認性程度最高。(二)在Arial與Times New Roman兩種英文字型中,以Arial獲得的視認性程度最高。(三)在字級部分,以越大的字級效果越好,其視認程度越高。最後根據實驗結果,以其視認性程度最高的中英文字型、字級來做為創作依據。 創作目的在(一)服務機能:多功能標示系統,除了指引方向,並能帶給民眾便利目的。(二)夜間照明:標示系統為補足夜間的注目性,增加自明性以達到日夜指引功能。(三)結合環境:結合大安森林公園的生態特性與元素,形成融入當地環境的視覺表徵。
  In recent years, as Taipei rapidly evolves into a cosmopolitan city with growing numbers of foreigners residing in the city, the government officials begin to value the importance of establishing bi-lingual signage system in the city. The different typography displayed in these bi-lingual signage at various leisure parks affects the legibility when read by both the Chinese and non-Chinese speaking population.   A survey conducted on navigation performance and user preference for the typography used in signage system at a leisure park shows that (a) of the three types of Chinese fonts – Kai Style, Hei Style, and Yuan Style, Hei Style scores the highest degree of legibility, (b) of the two types of English fonts, Arial and Times New Roman, Arial offers a higher legibility, and (c) the greater the font size, the better the legibility.   Following the results of the survey, a signage system is constructed using fonts and font sizes that offer the highest degree of legibility. The purpose of the construction is to provide residents in the park with (a) multi-purpose signage system which offers clear orientation and directions, (b) self-luminous signage allowing easy reading and identification during day and night, and (c) clear visual representations which integrate well into Daan Park’s unique ecological environment.
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