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Title: 兒童自我認同議題之繪本創作研究 —以《歐瑪》作品為例—
Research on Children's Self-Identity Issues of Picture Books Illustrated with the Work of “Oma”
Authors: 許和捷
Keywords: 兒童自我認同
children’s self-identity
virtual community
animal characters
picture book creation
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本創作研究主要是以探討兒童繪本中對於自我認同議題的處理與闡述,並分析如何藉由繪本形式的運作傳達其中內涵。透過蒐集和歸納有關文本與文獻資料,以供個人創作研究之參考依據。主體架構共分為五章節。第一章緒論簡述台灣繪本產業的發展現況,並闡述自身創作態度,期望藉由主題繪本的形式,傳達尊重他人與肯定自我的正向積極態度。並融合時下社會情況於創作文本,反映當代的生活型態。第貳章自我認同議題之繪本相關文獻探討。針對兒童時期自我概念的形成,拓展至對個人包括軀體、能力、態度、行為等特質上的認定的自我認同過程。接著由網際網路虛擬社群的角度切入,討論使用者從中尋求自我認同心理的轉變。最後以繪本於當代社會的意義談起,進而鎖定以自我認同議題為主題的繪本創作,分析其文本架構設定。第參章創作概念與歷程發展。延續先前自我認同主題案例繪本之分析內容,對其中故事角色的設定做更近一步的探討,延伸出擬人化動物角色設定在繪本中的意義。其後為個人研究創作初稿的呈現,包括故事文本、角色設定、分鏡草圖與創作步驟分項介紹。第肆章《歐瑪》繪本創作內容分析。將繪本創作之成品逐頁分析說明,以及成果展示空間的佈置與規劃。第伍章結論。說明本創作研究以自我認同議題為主題,藉由繪本形式緩和其嚴肅性質,透過鮮明、可愛的繪畫風格詮釋文本拉近與讀者間的距離。
This research, categorized as creative thesis, explores the statements and the presentation methods of the issue about self-identity in children picture books. It also analyzes the way about how to transmit the issue through picture books. By collecting and generalizing related data, it provides useful references for personal research. There are five sections in this research. A brief introduction about present development of the picture book industry in Taiwan. To expound researcher’s creation manner, which is hoping to show respect and a positive attitude on the issue of self-identity by picture book creation. Besides combining current social situation, this picture book mirrors the life style of this generation. Investigating related picture books and documents. At first, it talks about the self-identity process of children, which starts from establish their self-concept at childhood to identify their own bodies, abilities, attitude and behaviors at later age. Secondly, from the aspect of Internet virtual community to discuss the psychological change of the users when they are seeking self-identity in social network. After explain the picture books’ meaning of nowadays, finally it focus on analyze the content structures of picture books with the topic of self-identity. Concept and process of creation. Continue on the previous analysis to make a deeper investigation of the story characters design, and extend the significance of the role of anthropomorphic animal characters in picture books. Afterward it presents the first draft - the story, the characters design, the storyboard and each step - of researchers creation. Content analysis of creative picture book-Oma, which includes each page’s concept explanations and the arrangements of final work’s display. Conclusion that illustrates the main topic –self identity- of this research. By using picture book with bright and cute style to moderate the strict feeling of this issue and become easier to be accessed by readers.
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