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Title: 生活記實個人心境繪畫創作研究
Documentary of lifeThe Study of Painting of Personal mood
Authors: 蘇憲法
Soviet Constitution
Keywords: 超現實主義
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 摘要 綜觀西方美術史由十七世紀至二十世紀的畫家,曾以靜物為創作題材之畫家不計其數,靜物畫反映著一種時代、文化、生活的狀態與樣貌,不同時期的作品皆可看見不同形式的運用及轉變,相對的靜物畫也可作為畫家的風格、思想、精神的表徵。而藝術創作者對自身的時代應有著敏銳的觀察與感受,才能藉由不同的藝術創作手法,表露出藝術家獨有的體悟與看法。 本論文以生活記事為題,並以具象的形式及象徵性的符號等來表現現實意象,生活記事是生活體悟的提煉,所以生活記事並非生活所見所聞大小事的納入,而是精粹出普遍之中帶有深刻性及價值性意涵的事物,情感在生活記事扮演著穿針引線之效,用細微的心情去感受生活,體會出更多不同的心境感受。 本論文的結構,可分為六個章節。將在第一章說明個人研究動機與目的,第二章介紹西方靜物畫不同時期之作品風格演變,第三章探究創作理念脈絡與學理基礎,藉由超現實主義繪畫風格和象徵主義的隱喻手法,成為筆者創作的學理基礎研究和認識創作的內在哲學思想,第四章介紹創作內容形式技法與媒材,第五章詳細說明生活記實作品中的畫面風格與形式分析,第六章對本論文作一些總結與心得感想。
Abstract Looking at the history of Western art from before the 17th century to the 20th century painter, Once the still life is one of the creative themes, he reflects an era, the state of the culture, life and appearance, Works of different periods can be seen in the form of the use of and changes relatively still life paintings can be characterized by the style of a painter, mental, spiritual. The artists own era has sharp observations and feelings through different artistic creation techniques, revealed the artist's unique sort of understanding with the view. In this thesis, the theme of living Notepad figurative form of symbolic symbol to show the sort of understanding of the real image, life documentary realized refining of living life described is not inclusion all of life, but the essence of things generally being with profound implications and value, emotional plays the effect of the go-between, to experience life in a subtle mood, realized that the more different the truth. In this paper, the structure can be divided into six chapters. Personal motivation and purpose will be described in the first chapter, The second chapter describes the Western still life paintings from different periods work style evolution, context and theoretical basis of Chapter explore creative ideas by surrealist painting style and symbolism Yiyu practices, I created theoretical basic research and awareness creation inherent philosophy, techniques and media of the chapter describes the creation of content and form, Chapter detailed description the life documentary works in the style of the screen with the form of analysis, Chapter VI of the paper to make some conclusions and make impressions.
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