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Title: 以『九柱性格』為主的創意介面設計創作研究
A research on the creation derived from a Graphic User Interface developed From "Enneagram of Personality"
Authors: 許和捷
Keywords: 使用者圖形介面
Graphic User Interface Design
Smart mobile device
Mental Models
Enneagram of Personality
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 因科技與通訊的發達,行動裝置成為生活上不可或缺『個人性』之產品,除了聯繫的通訊作用之外,行動裝置更讓使用者的生活便利、娛樂增添其豐富性。本創作研究利用文獻探討以及個案分析的方式,利用『九柱性格』(Enneagram of Personality)之形象特徵與設計語言符號之特徵作交叉比對,媒合出九大類性格所合適的視覺基本圖型。從第貳章文獻探討得知於運用行動裝置上的使用者圖形介面必須要做到『統一性的操作邏輯』、『易理解、易學習』、『使用者熟悉之介面隱喻』、『提供及時反饋』、『符合大眾邏輯分類』、『親和性與美學感受』之條件。而裝置介面與使用者之間的訊息互動若要成功,必須兩者兼具相同的感知頻率,以縮短使用者與介面之認知差異。第參章討論關於使用者圖形介面設計之策略方法,包含設計的程序、創意策略之定位方法...等,分析與歸納出『九柱性格』與『視覺基本幾何形』之形象特徵,將以上各類元素作為轉化為圖形介面的構成的所需之參考素材。第肆章個案研究,為熟悉市場之脈絡,整理現今市場上之智慧型行動裝置的品牌以及其設計風格、構圖、元素。第伍章根據前面章節之論述,達成介面的基本條件後,再進行滿足更高層次的情感需求;所謂的更高層次的情感需求,就是針對不同性格所能觸動其心靈感觸的美感經驗之達成。而因不同類型使用者對感知的刺激源不盡相同,故利用『九柱性格』將人類性格群聚區分為完美型、助人型、成就型、感覺型、思考型、忠誠型、享樂型、領袖型、和平型。本創作研究結論得到,利用九柱性格與幾何形之性格形象特徵可成為規劃視覺策略的方法之一,但每個人對於特徵的觀察角度以及立基的不同,所感受到之形象概念也會有所差異。所以欲使用此方式來群化目標使用者,必須得讓資料庫跟隨時間增長,以得更具說服性之參考依據。本論文整理出,一個良好的使用者介面操作行為設計基本條件、設計策略方法以及九柱性格創意介面之創作案例,將提供行動裝置之使用者圖形介面設計者,設計原則的建議以及創意思維之提示作用。
With the advance of technology and communication, mobile device has become an inevitable tool for individual’s life, entertainment and communication. The main purpose of the present study is to exploit the features of Enneagram of Personality and the design of language symbols to cross analyze a visual graph that matches the nine categories in Enneagram of Personality. In chapter two, namely, literature review, research has indicated that to use mobile device, the user interface must have the following features: a united operation logic, understandable and learnable, familiar metaphorical user interface, feedback in real time, common logical grouping, and user friendliness and feeling of esthetics. Besides, if the interaction between the interface and users need to happen successfully, both of their perception must be nearly the same, which helps eliminate the differences of mutual understanding. In chapter three, methods regarding how the design of user interfaces are discussed. This chapter includes the explanation of the overall design process, creative strategies, the analysis of Enneagram of Personality and basic geometry terms, which altogether serve as the design reference for the creation. Chapter four is about a case study. An analysis of various brands of mobile device on the market, along with their design styles, layouts and elements. After the discussion in previous chapters, which satisfy a basic understanding of user interface, an advanced need is necessary. Therefore, I utilized Enneagram of Personality to group people into nine categories as Reformer Perfectionist, Helper/Giver, Achiever / Motivator, Artist / Individualist, Thinker / Observer, Team Player / Loyalist, Enthusiast, Leader, and Peace-maker. The thesis points out that features of Enneagram of Personality and basic geometry terms can be one of the strategies for user interface creation. However, due to the differences between individual’s observations, the expression vary. Thus, to group the participants appropriately and to have a more accurate result by this way, more time and database is suggested. The study is conducted to bring suggestive design principles and thinking directions for those who face a design case of mobile device graphic interface.
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