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Title: 擁擠視域─洪敏瑜創作實踐
The Crowded visual area –Creative Practice of Hung min-yu
Authors: 林昌德
Chang-Te Lin
Min-Yu Hung
Keywords: 城市
ink painting
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究以「擁擠視域」為題,聚焦在以台北為基點的城市題材之水墨創作實踐上,試圖由筆者自身於城市中的生活經歷向現下外部環境產生連結,探究城市與人之間的互動關係,城市性格與城市意象如何被形塑,再抽取水墨藝術創作領域內以城市題材做為表現主題的作品,進行題材演變、繪畫視角、藝術家態度的探究,以期比較個人藝術創作上的觀察視點後,能更明確清晰自身藝術創作之立場與觀點。 研究架構上主要分為幾個部分:一是研究動機與目的的闡述,二為城市性格映像於人心的過程與結果,三由宮室畫、清明上河圖、山水畫城市題材、水墨都市等以城市相關事物為主要表現對象的繪畫作品探知此一脈絡的演變,四則回歸自身創作實踐的研究層面,最後對研究心得結論。
The subject of this study is “the crowded visual area”, focusing on the practice of ink painting which is based on the city Taipei. Originated from my personal life and experience living in the city, trying to investigate the interaction between city and the people . Observing how the character and image of the city are shaped. The artworks of ink painting concerning about cites were extracted for discussing, including the evolution of the cited elements in paintings, the viewpoints in paintings, and the position of artists. By reflecting and comparing these issues in the paintings, my position and aspect of creative practice become more clearly and distinctly. In this study, the following five chapters are: 1.the expounding of the purpose and overview. 2.the result and the progression of the city image in mind by the city character. 3.the research of the evolution of ink painting with the theme of cites, including the royal palace pictures, “Along the River During the Ch'ing-ming Festival”, the urban theme in the chinese landscape painting, the urban ink paintings and etc. 4.the presentation and the examination of my creative practice. 5.the summary and the opinion from this study.
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