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Title: 夏雨 - 2D視覺音樂動畫之創作研究
Summer Rain – A Study of Music Visual Animation
Authors: 林達隆
Chen Fang-kuei
Keywords: 視覺與聽覺
Visual Music
Visual and sound senses
Music Image
Visual Music
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 視覺與聽覺是我們人們最重要的兩種感覺,所有生活的感知有一大半都來自這兩個知覺,尤其是在這個資訊及網路發達的現今,許多的東西事物都已經資訊化及數位化,人們只要坐在電腦前動動滑鼠按按鍵盤便可瀏覽所有資訊,不論是學術性、娛樂性、及時訊息等等,一覽無疑。 而自電影問世以來,音樂影像從一開始的無聲影像與現場演奏的配合發展到到有聲收錄的影音,解決了現場演奏的限制,也經歷歌舞電影極盛時期,音樂與影像一直密不可分,近代受迪士尼音樂動畫長片《幻想曲》的影響了音樂錄影帶的發展,至今仍不斷開創出音樂與影像的多元性。 俄國藝術家康丁斯基深受音樂家華格納與荀柏格的音樂影響,在他的創作裡利用了音樂的特性,創造了他獨特的抽象繪畫藝術風格,並提出色彩與音樂的相關理論,影響後期visual music實驗影片。 本研究論文的範圍從聽覺到視覺的學理作為切入,再從音樂相關動畫影片中探討音樂、音效與動態影像的關係,延伸出自己的動畫創作分析。
Sound and vision are the two most important senses for us human beings., with more than half of what we feel everyday coming from it. In the modern age where cable lines and information are everywhere, much of the world is now digitalized, whatever information it is, academic, entertainment, or timely news, are all just a click off the mouse away to your service. And ever since the introduction of the movie, music pictures has developed from a combination of silent images and live orchestra, to pictures recorded along with its sounds; it has dealt with the limitations of live orchestra, and also has went through the best yimes for movies. Music and image were always inseparable, especially with the influence of the late Disney lengthy animated musical “Fantasia" on the development music video, who until today are still pioneering the plurality of music videos. Russian artist Kandinsky, deeply influenced by the music of musician Richard Wagner and Arnold Schoenberg, in his compositions facilitated the specialties of music to create his own unique artistic abstract painting style, and also proposed theories discussing color and music, and has affected later experimental video of visual music. This thesis cuts in from the theories of sound and visual senses, and then from music related animation pictures to discuss the relationship between music, sound effects, and animated images to extend our own animation composition analysis.
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