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Title: 死生逾境 平面視覺創作與研究
Authors: 林達隆
Across Death and Life
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract:  一旦出生,必有一死。死亡是生命中,唯一的「必然」。二十世紀的德國存在思想家──海德格就有提出:人是「向死亡的存在」的概念,揭示了死亡是人「存在」的一部份。而做為人生命的終結,死亡讓人感到無比的恐懼,但是死亡對生命而言,並非毫無意義:死亡使得生命價值得以證明。因為有了死亡,人們才看得到生命的短暫;因為有了死亡,才能激勵生命,啟迪生命,帶給生命力量;除去死亡帶來的黑暗,也就無法襯托生命的燦爛。由於死亡與生命的這種二元關係,激發著人類去探索死亡,因此自古至今,死亡不僅成為哲學、宗教等關注的焦點,在文學、藝術上已死亡為主題的創作亦是不勝枚舉。   然而透過種種不斷對死亡與生命之間的尋思,在這些文學藝術作品理論中,產生的死亡意識不再只是環繞在肉體上、生理上的死亡,甚至更有精神上的死亡,由此,死亡的意涵加以延伸,探討了面向與範圍更加廣泛;本文是創作性論文,將試圖尋找並探討與自我相契合的生死觀點與作品、整理出自我對死生的詮釋,最後,創作作品將以自我對生死的理解為主題內容來加以描繪。
If there’s a birth, there’s a death. Death is the only necessity in one’s life. Martin Heidegger, a German existentialist of 20th century, brought up a oncept “Being-towards-death”, presenting a notion that death is part of the existence of a man. As the termination of life, death is extremely dreaded. However, In regard to life, death is not meaningless, death manifest the meaning of life. Because of death, people will be aware of how fleeting life is; because of death, life is inspired ,enlightened and strengthened. Without the darkness of death, the resplendence of life couldn’t be revealed. Due to the binary relation of life and death, people are inspired to explore death. As a result, death has become not only a controversial topic in religion and philosophy, but also a theme of numerous literature and art since ancient times. Nevertheless, through the pondering over death and life, the death consciousness within those compositions is concerning not only physiology but also mentality. Thereby, the implications of death have been extended, and the aspects that we probe into have been boardened. This text is a creative paper, trying to find and explore the views and works which are in agreement with oneself, and to sort out a set of personal interpretation of death and life. Ultimately, my own understanding of death and life is used as the major theme to depict this works.
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