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Title: 成癮與耽溺─「嗎啡」系列繪畫創作論述
Addiction and Indulgence ─ Creation of the “Morphine”Series Painting
Authors: 蘇憲法
Po-Chun ,Yang
Keywords: 再現
beauty of the masses
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 摘要 我們將耗盡心神於微妙的運思,且將無數沉重的骨架拆毀重建, 在偉大的「創造品」出現之前,為此,陰慘的慾望使我們悲泣……。 ──波特萊爾 「嗎啡」系列敘述的是筆者對於自身喜好的沉迷陷溺、感受物質的歡愉為創作中心,在創作過程中發現內在真實的自我,不斷找尋生活的意義,在自我和記憶的兩端搭建起一座往來記憶彼端的通道,且透過描繪照片的過程不斷反芻過往的知覺感受,讓記憶、知覺經驗和自我消融於一體,沉浸於不可復得的那段日子。 本次研究主要探討平面繪畫的延伸表現和創作形式,內文共分為六章討論,第一章為創作的出發點,簡述筆者的創作發想,透過描寫照片表現對於喜好事物的成癮、耽溺,以及感官知覺的記憶回溯。第二章為本論文的文獻探討,從遠古時代的繪畫表現至近代攝影術發明後的繪畫困境與出路,探討美術史上幾個重大時代的繪畫再現意義,並導引至攝影術與照相寫實的發展。第三章以七0年代的照相寫實藝術家為探討對象,分析各個藝術家的表現手法和創作題材。第四章探究作品創作、形式、內容,以及創作技法與媒材的介紹,探討有關感官的愉悅以及數大的美感,並探討照相寫實表現手法的延伸運用與功能轉換。第五章為筆者的創作研究,講述筆者作品的創作理念和表現手法。第六章為本次研究的結論,歸納筆者近幾年的創作歷程和感想,探討系列作品的演變、感官的深刻體驗和自我繪畫歷程的展望與追尋。
Abstract We shall wear out our souls in subtle schemes And we shall demolish many an armature Before contemplating the glorious Creature For whom a tormenting desire makes our hearts grieve! —Charles Baudelaire, "La mort des artistes" (tr. William Aggeler) The core idea of the Morphine series is to depict my addiction and indulgence as well as material pleasures. Throughout the creation of the series, by discovering my true inner self and seeking the meaning of my life, a gateway was built between the self and the memory, and the process of painting set me to ruminate over my past perceptions and feelings, melding together my memory, sensory experience and self deep into the old days that cannot be regained. This study, set out in six chapters, focuses on an extension in expression and form of painting. Chapter 1 introduces the beginning of the creation of the Morphine series by briefly reviewing my original conception of conveying addiction, indulgence and sensory flashbacks through photographic depictions. Chapter 2 is the literature review, which discusses the implication of artistic representation in several important eras in the history of art, from the expressions of ancients painting to the dilemmas of modern painting after the invention of photography, and draws attention to the development of photography and photorealism. Chapter 3 discusses several photorealist artists in 1970s and analyses the techniques and themes in their works. Chapter 4 introduces the creation, form and content of the Morphine series as well as the techniques and media adopted in the paintings, with discussions on sensory pleasures, the beauty of the masses and the extended applications and appropriations of photorealistic techniques. Chapter 5 further describes the concept of each painting and the techniques used. Chapter 6 concludes the study with a review of my works in recent years, examining the evolution among different series and the profound sensory experience therein.
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