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Title: 教改十年對藝術與人文課程與教學的影響:從資深視覺藝術教師的觀點探究
A Study on Ten years Educational Reform Effects In the Field of Junior Arts& Humanities Curriculum and Teaching: From Senior Visual Arts Educations’ Experiences
Authors: 陳瓊花
Jo Chiung-Hua Chen
Yeh Nai Ching
Keywords: 教改
Educational Reform
Experienced teachers
Junior High School Visual Arts Subject
Curriculum and Teaching
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本研究主要是探討九年一貫教改實施十年後,對國中視覺藝術科課程與教學上產生的影響。九年一貫課程實施綱要繼頒布之後,施行已超過十年。研究者透過文獻分析,以深度訪談的方式訪問教學資歷超過十年(含)的視覺藝術教師,瞭解九年一貫施行後,十二年國教正式啟動前,視覺藝術教師在教學現場所面臨的各種境況,具有歷程性與即時性,並藉由十位資深教師的分享,表達基層教育人員所面臨的各種職場環境。本研究從課程與教學面、學校及社會環境面、以及教師的職業認同三個面向來表述目前的教學現況。 課程與教學面,資深教師皆認同增能研習對教學有助益,現在的教材準備都會貼近學生生活,但資源設備仍有缺乏,且表演配課的情形不會消失,學校活動依然讓老師備感吃重,現實條件讓課綱目標不能盡善,以及評量基準成為視覺藝術評分的最大挑戰。 學校及環境面,資深教師們認為藝術科目仍然有邊緣化的情形,領域時間未能盡善,教育經費的分配仍有城鄉差異,以及家長對教育現場的涉入日深,學生特質變異較大形成管教難題,再者人本與新聞媒體傷害基層教育人員、打擊工作士氣,認為應該建立雙向溝通,以及親師合作的互助模式。 教師在個人職業認同或職涯發展上,認為目前的管教方式會趨於自保,降低家長干擾因素,並認為強化個人專業形象非常重要,雖然受訪教師對於個人的角色定位觀點各異,多數受訪教師仍對自己的教育工作有期許。
The study is mainly a discussion about the effects that the educational reform has brought toward the curriculum and teaching of visual art subject in junior high school over the past ten years ever since the Nine-Year Consistent Plan was put in action. By means of analyzing related literature and interviewing the visual art teachers with more than ten years teaching experience, the researcher tries to find out the teaching circumstances theses teachers have encountered through the year after Nine-Year Consistent plan comes into force and before the state of official Twelve-year compulsory education. In this study, the researcher will look into these circumstances from these aspects: curriculum and teaching, school and social environment and professional identity. curriculum and teaching Most teachers agree that the in job training classes are helpful in teaching. The textbook now provide more living materials for students. However, resources and facilities are still in short supply. Visual art teachers have to teach other subject, namely, Performing Art. Teachers feel stressed in preparing school activities. Realistic conditions make it hard for them to reach the teaching outline target. Meanwhile, assessment has been the biggest challenge for the visual art teachers. School and social environment Visual art teachers believe that this subject is still in marginalized situation. Teachers find it’s hard to make good use of their “field time” when they can prepare classes together. They are still differential treatments between urban and rural areas in the allocation of funds for education. Parents’ interference in teaching is becoming more and more serious. Students’ big variation in characteristics causes problems in discipline. Moreover the prejudice from Humanistic Education Foundation and media has hurt the basic education personnel deeply. Teachers think they should establish the two-way communication and mutual cooperation between parents and teachers. Teachers' professional identity The teachers think it is safer to be careful in discipline students. They do this to reduce parental interference, and protect themselves. They also think it is very important to strengthen their professional image. Although the teachers interviewed have different points of view on the role they play, most of them still have expectations on their educational career.
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