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Title: 明四家摺扇繪畫之研究
Research the Folding Fan by the Ming Dynasty Four Great Painters Paintings
Authors: 沈以正
Keywords: 摺扇
Folding Fan
Ming Dynasty Four Great Painters
Ming Dynasty
Folding Fan Paintings
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 扇子的起源很早,從出土的文物和歷代流傳的畫蹟可知,扇子的發展與演變,源遠流常。紈扇的使用歷史較早,唐宋詩詞或相關文獻中可以看到許多引用之處,但摺扇要一直到明中期才開始盛行,吳門四大家沈周、文徵明、唐寅、仇英都是畫扇高手,傳流下來的扇面不少,可以知道當時摺扇的流行。清代時摺扇也相當流行,無論是宮廷畫師還是民間文人畫家都擅長,影響所及,各種材料的扇面和扇骨,推陳出新。摺扇可以在上面寫字、作畫,從明代中期開始,一直是文人畫家相互餽贈和抒情寄意的風雅之物。 本文,先從扇子的源流發展開始,並專注在明代四大家的摺扇繪畫,探討摺扇繪畫的藝術價值,並繼而對摺扇後續的發展作一總結,期望能對藉此突顯摺扇畫的獨特價值,並增補摺扇藝術的畫史資料。
The fan origin is very early, spreads the picture mark from the unearthed cultural relic and all previous dynasties to be possible to know, fan development and evolution, source far class often. The round silk fan use history early, in the Tang Song poetry or the correlation literature may see to places of the many quotation, but the folding fan must arrive the Ming Dynasty intermediate stage only then to start continuously to be in vogue. Wumen four great artists Shen Zhou, Wen Zhengming, Tang Yin, Qiu Ying is the picture fan master, circulates down the covering of fan many, might know at that time the folding fan is popular.In the Ching Dynasty,folding fans became much more popular.Almost all arts,including royal or civil painters were good at this kind of creative job.Because of their influence, various kinds of fan papers and fan bones were continuously renovated. New form of fans were so prevailing in the market afterwards. The folding fan may write in above, do painting, starts from the Ming Dynasty intermediate stage. The folding fan is always the elegant thing which the painters take presents as a gift mutually and expresses feelings entrusts with one's personal wishes. This article, starts first from the fan source and course development, and concentrates in the Ming Dynasty four great artists folding fan drawing, discusses the folding fan drawing the artistic value, and subsequently makes a summary to the folding fan following development. The expectation can to take advantage of this reveals the folding fan picture suddenly the unique value, and supplements the folding fan art the picture history material.
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