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Title: 2008臺灣博覽會之標誌與海報設計創作研究
The Research of 2008 Taiwan Expo Logo and Poster Design
Authors: 林磐聳
Keywords: 博覽會
Taiwan Expo
Poster Design
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 本論文提出在博覽會視覺設計中,標誌與海報設計之參考模式,文中包含三個主題: 一、世界博覽會(World Exposition以下簡稱Expo或世博會)的歷史內涵。 二、分析歷屆世博會的標誌與海報設計。 三、2008臺灣博覽會標誌與海報設計之創作。 在第一主題中,透過論述歷屆世博會的過程中,呈現世博會在一百五十餘年進程中演繹的內涵與特性,並且暸解舉辦博覽會的意義與目的、類型與功能與其主題與演進,藉以了解世博會的整體發展。 在第二主題中,因世博會外在的視覺形象是大眾認知與記憶的重要媒介,其中的標誌與海報是設計的重要部分,故透過分析歷屆世博會標誌與海報的構成與設計,探討其意義、演化與特質,瞭解其設計元素與時代趨向,作出結論與設計參考模式,藉此為本創作參考依據。 在第三主題中,分析日治時期1935年「始政四十週年紀念台灣博覽會」(以下稱1935臺灣博覽會)與本論文標的「2008年臺灣博覽會」(以下稱2008臺灣博覽會)策略,了解想法差異並確立設計策略,並以前列研究結果為參考依據,參酌2008臺灣博覽會策略,創作本文目的之2008臺灣博覽會大會標誌與不同宣傳時期的海報設計,並將研究創作成果展示。 最後展望世博會的標誌與海報設計發展做出結論,並且對未來國家舉辦相關大型博覽會時提出有關設計之建議,以及提供相關領域學術或創作研究參考。 關鍵詞:博覽會、臺灣博覽會、標誌、海報設計
In this thesis, the study of reference model between Logo Design and Poster Design on the Exposition Visual Design are presented. It consists of three topics: 1.The history of World Exposition. 2.The analysis of successive World Exposition’s Logo and Poster Design. 3.The creation of 2008 Taiwan Exposition’s Logo and Poster Design. In the first theme, the Expo will present interpretation of the meaning and identity through the discussion process of the World Expo, so that readers can understand the significance of the Expo purpose, function and development. In the second theme, the external visual image of the World Expo will be the important media of public awareness and memory. Furthermore, the Logo and Poster Design are important parts of a design, we can explore its significance, evolution, characteristics, the understanding of design element and time trend through the analysis of the previous World Expo Logo and Poster with the composition and style, draw conclusions and design model, so as to provide reference for creative design. In the third theme, We analyze the strategy between the period of Japanese rule in 1935 "before the 40th anniversary of Taiwan's political Fair" and the subject of this thesis "2008 Taiwan Exposition", to establish design strategy after understanding of differences performance practices. Besides, the 2008 Taiwan Exposition’s Logo and Poster Design are presented which combine the reference of foregoing findings and the light of the 2008 Taiwan Exposition’s strategy. Finally, the Expo will be concluded in respect of design and development, the recommendations of visual design will be provided for countries in the future related to the large Expo, the exhibition of creative research will be provided for the relevant areas of academic research or creative reference. Keywords:Exposition, Taiwan Expo, Logo, Poster Design.
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