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Title: 繪畫中的英雄主義之創作研究
Authors: 黃進龍
Keywords: 英雄主義
oil painting creation
collective unconscious
creation form
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 筆者認為藝術課題不只來自於個人思想及專業技巧上,更受時代與環境所影響,而藝術家的責任即在於對所處時代注入精神養分;因此藝術作品,以視覺等方式表現出藝術家自我的看法,為全人類提供可能的思想策略,即是藝術對於人類的精神價值意義之ㄧ。 因此,筆者從文學、表演藝術、大眾文化中的顯學之ㄧ----英雄主義著手研究,並透過集體潛意識為工具,以探索人類文化如何造就英雄主義,以及英雄主義的時代意義。 筆者以英雄主義為內容的一系列創作,在於探討當前社會集體潛意識中所欲尋找的出口,並且描繪未來英雄的雛型。
Art creation is the process of finding some problems and advance answer of mind,the writer think so .The problems of art came from not only someone`s mind and professed skill ,but also the effect of times and environment .The one of hominine inner valou is that show oneself`s estimate of the artist for argue possible tactic to all humanity by the way of sight,in art works. So the writer study heroism that is one of conspicuous knowledge in literature , performing arts,demotic culture etc.I burrow the theme of human how to achieve heroism and heroism how to affect hominine mind by collective unconscious . I treat that where is the exit of hominine collective unconscious in this time,and depict the model of the hero in future,in the series of my works about heroism.
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