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Title: 展線— 線條對於當代水墨風格之開發探討
Show the lines - A Discussion of chirography style in Modern Chinese Painting
Authors: 李振明
Chen Kuan Ru
Keywords: 線條
Shrink Skill
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究從圖像之線條風格出發,探討線條表現在畫面中風格呈現的重要性,分析探討古今風格強烈的名家對於線條的運用,並闡述個人創作中對於線條表現在各種題材上的運用,除了單純線條本身的造型表現,使用各種形式的線條組合堆積形成畫面,表現「速度感」,或是「質量感」也是本文研究重點。 從十八描法切入探索從古到今線條描繪的發展,進而探討從有法到無法的線條風格演進,如何在成千上萬難以計數的眾多藝術家中脫穎而出,個人獨特的風格表現是相當重要的,若是沒有個人風格,畫的再好都可能埋沒在畫家群中。 在創作論述中,將作品分為兩大系列,「山水意象」系列:描繪出心中對於山水的詮釋,「生活感受」系列:敘述內心對於生活的種種感觸,此外利用特殊的線條風格語彙以及另一個創作元素,使用的特殊半自動技法「皺縮法」類似潑墨潑彩,強調顏料碰觸到上了重墨的宣紙,皺縮沉澱所產生的線條肌理,我因此命名「皺縮法」。控制墨的濃淡,或是顏料流動沉積的方向,可以運用在各種形象表現上,與手繪線條交互運用,未來將更進一步研究發展使之更加成熟成為獨特創作風格。
This research starts from the discussion of the styles of lines in images, discussing the importance of expressions of lines as imagery styles, and analyzing how those artists with blazing styles make paintings by using techniques of chirography. Besides, I’m going to explicate the application of chirography in my artistry,explaining the modeling of pure lines and how to combine images by different forms of lines, and I will also emphasis on the “velocity” and “quality” of chirography in this research. The research explores the evolution of chirography from the analyzing of “eighteen methods of drawing”. In order to stand out above the thousands upon thousands artists, it’s important to have unique individual style of chirography. We will be submerged without special styles,no matter how great skills of painting we have. In my artist’s statement, I divide my works into two series: the first is “The image of landscape”. In this series I try to depict images of landscape in my heart. The second is “The perception of life”. In this series I describe my feelings about daily life and use special styles of lines and another creative element: it’s a half-automatic technique which I name as “shrink skill”. This skill is very similar to splash-ink or splash- dyestuff and can cause textures of lines during the process of shrinking and depositing. We can control the tint of Chinese ink or the flowing direction of pigments, and use it on various expressions of figures with hand-made lines. I will do more researches on this skill and develop it as a more mature style.
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