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Title: 《良友》畫報及其美術資料研究
The Research of “The Young Companion” and its Art Items
Authors: 沈以正
Keywords: 《良友》畫報
The Young Companion
art of the early Republic of China
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 一九二0年代誕生於上海的《良友》畫報,開啟了中國報刊史嶄新的一頁,突破了過去石版、銅鋅版印刷方式,率先以影寫版印製大型畫報,進步的技術反映在新穎的封面和內頁中,加上多元的內容,使得《良友》甫一推出,便大受好評。《良友》畫報發行時間自1926至1945年,漫長的歲月見證了中國的發展過程,在史料的保存意義上更具意義,當時刊物如雨後春筍般出現在市面上,但往往曇花一現,維持不了多久便停刊,能像《良友》一般持續長達十九年時間的刊物,在動亂的年代中更難能可貴,加上畫報以影像真實地記錄歷史,對於後繼研究者則提供了豐富的材料。《良友》畫報內容包羅萬象,從時事新聞、科技新知、文學藝術及時尚軼事均羅列其中,美術內容正是其主要題材之一,本研究即以此基礎,將172期《良友》畫報裡的美術資料梳理出來,企圖建立一個《良友》畫報的美術資料庫,並從中挑選美術家、美術社團、美術學校、美術展覽四項做分析評論,由於《良友》大量引進西方美術思潮,並致力報導當代中國畫壇的活動現象,藉由資料的整理,試以瞭解民國早期的美術資訊如何傳播,而《良友》畫報做為大眾傳播刊物,又在其中扮演什麼樣的角色。
Published in 1920’s in Shanghai, “The Young Companion”, started a new age of Chinese Magazine History. This publisher used a new technology on shooting pictures and printing them on large magazine. There are full of attractive covers and matters in this magazine. It is different from copperplate, lithography, and zincograph. Because of the technical innovations, “The Young Companion” was very popular at that time. During 1926 to 1945, there were much different kinds of magazines to be published, but only “The Young Companion” was still there. It recorded the entirety which included news, science, technology, literature, art, and fashion in these 19 years. For all researchers analyzing this 19 years history it was a very significant clue. On the basis of “The Young Companion”, the study selects four main parts, artists, art clubs, art schools and art exhibitions. Moreover the study analyzes and discusses what kind of character “The Young Companion” plays in China and how Western art affects in China in the early twentieth century.
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