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Title: 「寂靜之域」創作研究
"Silent Territory" Creation Research
Authors: 黃進龍
Keywords: 寂靜之域
Silent Territory
aesthetics of sublime
Landscape painting
Still life drawing
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 「寂靜之域」創作研究 筆者選擇了以水彩和油畫為創作媒材,以風景畫和靜物畫為創作題材,以具象寫實為表現形式,創作出一系列「寂靜之域」系列的作品,並透過描繪老舊公寓和靜物的同時,展現出創作技巧背後的意象,表達自身的情感。 在論文裡,除了研究研究動機與目的、方法、研究範圍和限制的陳述之外,對於美術史裡風景繪畫的畫家也研讀分析,在創作的同時,藉由研讀美術史來提升自我對於歷史上相關題材創作者的認識,並研究浪漫主義裡「崇高美學」的哲學思想,使作品有形而上的的發展點,再加上使用寫生與繪圖軟體的分析整理對顏色做進一步的認識與探索,以求在作品裡展現筆者想表達的寂靜,之後再以作品的內容、形式、技法分析做形而下的論述,最後以個別作品的創作構思與安排、過程和創作理念,作為總結。 期望以此創作研究能將理念與技巧融合,並透過藝術的實踐,創作出筆者心象企圖表達的意境與思維,在人類追求美的無盡時間裡,留下一個美麗的角落。
"Silent Territory" Creation Research The author has chosen the watercolor and the oil painting as the intermediary material, landscape and still life as the theme and in the manifestation of the realistic skill method having elephant to create a series of "Silent Territory". The author painted obsolete apartment and the still life to express the imagery of artistic technique and own emotion. In the paper, not only includes the motive of research, the goal, the research method, the research area and the statement of limitation but also studied and analyzed the painters of landscape in the fine arts history in order to improve the knowledge of some painters whose work relates with this subject. At the same time, studied fine arts history and research the "aesthetics of sublime" in the philosophical thinking of romanticism causes the work with bottom-up development. In addition, used the sketching and drawing software to analysis colors in order to express "the silence" of the creation work. By the work content, the form, and the technique analysis to makes the top-down discourse. In the end of this paper, describe the conception, the structure and the idea of the work for conclusion. Hopefully, by this creation research combines the idea and the technique of painting. With these arts practice, the imagery of author who wants to express a frame of mind and thinking are created. Leaving a beautiful corner for people are pursuing the perfection of art for all eternity.
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