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Title: 自然休閒場域的社會藝術教育研究--以羅東林業文化園區為例
Social arts education in Eco-leisure Field: A case study of Luodong Forestry Culture Garden
Authors: 陳瓊花
Jo Chiung Hua Chen
Keywords: 休閒
social arts education
natural recreation field
environmental education
environmental aesthetics
Project facilitator
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討自然休閒場域中的社會藝術教育的施行,以羅東林業文化園區此場域為主研究個案,自然休閒場域藉由文化的推展,藝文活動的舉辦,發揮社會藝術教育之功能。研究者針對園區內林管處的育樂課、作業課以及處長等專案協力者針對園區的歷程、經營與活動進行訪談研究探析,進一步討論羅東自然教育中心的專案教師與經理進行的教育課程、活動,另一方面也針對園區的遊客參觀體驗後的問卷分析。進而提出對羅東林業文化園區、羅東自然教育中心、自然休閒相關場域、未來研究等三個對象之建議。 本研究得出以下結論: 一、 從羅東林業文化園區看自然休閒場域的社會意義與價值--羅東林業文化園區具複合式內涵能提供多元跨域學習的藝術教育場域。 (一) 上位者的開放、遠見的經營視野,再生園區。認為人是文化中重要元素。園區低衝擊、低開發、低商業氣息保有歷史文化遺產發揮永續價值。 (二) 利用森林美學的形式原理構築出自然美的環境,結合公共藝術品。學習日本代代木公園的場域經營氛圍,遵照美學的概念、自然的法則、生物多樣性的想法。 (三) 不僅是自然生態可涵括科學、森林林業歷史、昆蟲、動植物、園藝、建築等相關專業領域的教師皆可以跨域學習,與藝術教育連結,共同結合出更出色、創意更能體現園區內涵的課程,共同成長。 二、 從專案協力者對自然休閒場域提供之社會藝術教育規劃--羅東林業文化園區是讓在地藝術、文化伸展的舞台。 (一) 動態與靜態的多元活動展演,活絡場域,環境氛圍是最佳的舞台空間,讓表演更生動、讓園區充滿生命力。 (二) 展館空間展示了在地藝術家、社區的工藝、藝術,園區是凝結在地情感之平台。 三、 從專案教師看自然休閒場域提供之社會藝術教育的看法與規劃--羅東自然教育中心的地理優勢、豐富教學資源以及專業團隊之扶持。 (一)地理位置位於羅東市中心內,相較於其他位於高山上的森林遊樂區的自然教育中心,擁有相對優勢的交通位子。羅東自然教育中心之專案協力者,團隊間的學習夥伴關係,中心讓教師、志工擁有自由彈性的發展空間。 (二)羅東自然教育中心之專業的行政端與教學端配合,建立完善的教學評量檔案以供下次活動參照。整體分析那個紀錄裡面,會包含1.報名者的資料分析。2.行後會議。3.問卷分析。4.活動整體建議。5.活動花絮、照片統整。 (三)課程與藝術教育作一個結合,也是由於場域的優勢,園區的自然環境是最棒的體驗教室,可以讓學員直接到戶外感官學習,直接引導學員進行美感體驗,利用創作轉化認知的內涵,利用繪畫技巧來記錄自然生態的奧秘,開啟學員利用微觀的視角來看這個生態這個園區進而以宏觀的美學視野看台灣、看世界。 (四)羅東自然教育中心就是一個優良的典範,因為休閒因多元機能結合而深化其價值,不僅可以帶動宜蘭縣的經濟發展,也可以是帶動環境、藝術相關教育的上位者。
This study aimed to explore the nature of a social casual games in the domain of art education. Based on the case study of Luodong Forestry Culture Garden, natural leisure field promotes culture, organize cultural events and plays social art education. Researchers conducted the interview study of recreation classes ,Forest District Office of the Director ,other project operations and third-class and further disscussed the programs and activities of Luodong Nature Education Centre on the basis of the progress,management and activities of the park. On the other hand, we also conducted the questionnaire analysis of visitors who finish visiting the park.Furthermore,three conclusions were drawn according to the study of Luodong Forestry Culture Garden, LuoDong Nature Education Centre, natural leisure-related field and the three objects of future research: First, Luodong Forestry Culture Garden, a composite art education field ,provides visitors multiple cross-domain learning opportunities. Operating vision (A) The host, who considers man is an important element of culture, revived the park with his great vision and made efforts to maintain low-impact, low development ,low business atmosphere and hstorical and cultural heritage of the park to develop the sustainable value of the park. (B) he form of the principle of aesthetics build out the natural beauty of the forest environment , and combined with public art. On the basis of the operation of Japan Yoyogi Park, we followed the examples of their concept of aesthetics, natural law and the idea of biodiversity.(C)The park provides not only the natural environment but also the professional fields of science, forest forestry history ,insects, animals and plants, gardening,and architecture. Teacher with these areas of expertise can integrate art education into the curriculum of the park to better reflect the creativity of the park .Therefore, the park and the teachers can grow together. Second, Luodong Forestry Culture Garden is a stretching stage of let in to the arts and culture.(A) Multiple dynamic and static performances ,active fields,and ambience vivify the park.(B) The pavilions showcase the craft and art of local artists and communities to agglomerate and associate with the local people. Third, the support of the geographical advantages, abundant teaching resources and a professional team provided by Luodong nature education center. (A) geographically located within the downtown of Luodong. compared to other natural education center located on a mountain forest recreation area, has a comparative advantage in transportation. The good partnership between project facilitators and the teams of Luodong Nature Center gives teachers and volunteers freedom to achieve their potential.(B) The professional administration and teachers of Luodong Nature Education Centre cooperate with each other to establish and improve teaching-based assessment for the next event.(C) The record of the overall analysis will contain:1.the data analysis of applicants 3.the analysis of the questionnaire 4. overall recommendations 5. tidbits and photographs. The correlation between curriculum and arts education originates from the advantages of the natural environment field.The park is the best experience class for learners to perform outdoor sensory learning and then guide learners to conduct aesthetic experience directly. Moreover, learers take advantage of their creation to transform traditional cognitive connotation and record natural ecological mystery with their painting techniques. Learners will apply micro perspective to this ecosystem and this park and then apply macro-aesthetic vision to see Taiwan and the world in the long run. (D) Luodong Nature Education Center is an excellent model, as a result of the combination of its multi-function and leisure. The value of the park is , thus, deepened. To sum up, the park not only promotes economic development in Yilan County ,but also drives the development of environment and arts education.
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