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Title: 寫心寄情繁花間-吳柔慧水墨創作論述
Written from Heart and Flowers-Expounding of Wu RouHui’s Ink Painting Artworks
Authors: 李振明
Keywords: 寫心寄情
Written from Heart
meaning of flowers
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 藝術的表現常隨著時代,也同其合流並進,從自然與生命的角度觀想,藝術創作的過程,常是充滿著游離與隱晦的,即使自然給予人類無盡的生命及豐富的想像,生命形式的存在從來都是有其流動的定律與周期,不管是向外的擴張或向內的收縮,都顯示出生命的兩極化。從繪畫中體驗一種真理,就是自然,也由藝術的審美觀照中體會生命的無常,由這樣的意象空間,表現在視覺藝術上,以虛實心象的觀照,藉物化下所引生的精神境界,及自然節奏中體悟到的生命不可逆的本質,並以探就繪畫創作和外境相融之後所產生的一種心象。 從生活經驗及環境時事的感受著手,將花卉投入其中發想。例如對花的各種聯想及在生活經驗中個人對櫻花開與散落的感動與懷念之情;藉由以寫心寄情之美學理論為基礎,及日常生活中的體驗,加上在色彩在人的情緒反應上的不同所產生對畫面呈現的成果,試創作屬於自我情感敘述的繪畫,運用水墨與膠彩的各種不同的材料特性,取其優點融合運用,試從其中尋找出新的繪畫表現方式。使藝術創作的精神由物化的體悟中得到觀想與共感,將人的生命的情境提升,在繪畫創作中成為一種重要的價值呈現。
The art performance is often confluence with the times. To see the process of artistic creation from the perspective of nature and life, it is often free and full of obscure, even though the Mother Nature has given human beings endless life and abundant imagination. The existence of life styles always has its circulating rules and cycle with either outward expansion or inward contraction that showed the polarization of life. The truth experienced from paintings is natural, that is the impermanence of life realized from the appreciation of art aesthetic. The visual arts can be presented though this space of imagination. With the contemplations of actual and fake situation, the derivative spiritual realm of materialization and the irreversible nature of life realized from the natural rhythm, to explore the heart after the blending of foreign territory and painting. Involve flowers with the feelings of current events of the environment and life experiences in proceeding. For example, the various associations of flowers in thinking, and personal experiences in life to blooming and sere of cherry blossoms that stimulated feeling of touch and nostalgia. By aesthetic theory of written from heart as the basis of writing along with daily life experience and the results presented on the screen generated by the different couplings and different emotional reactions of colors in person to try to create a narrative paintings of self-emotion by using the feature integration of ink painting, adhesive colors and other different materials, attempting to find a new way of painting performance. So that the spirit of art creation can be gained within the thinking and common-sense of materialized understanding to upgrade the human lives as an important value to present in paintings.
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