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Title: 「討海人‧意象」創作研究
Creation Research Of “Fishermen-Image”
Authors: 王瓊麗
Wang Qiong Li
Lo Wen Hsu
Keywords: 漁港
Fishing harbor
Human care
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 淡水是充滿藝術與人文的地方,筆者離開家鄉已經二十幾年,昔日的漁村景象如今已經消失。本研究以「討海人‧意象」為題,藉此回憶對於童年故鄉土地的一份情感,也對父親漁民形象的再現。期望台灣漁港文化能夠獲得關注,為人文藝術盡一份心力。 本創作在理論上透過人文主義的思想與實踐,期望開創屬於自己的繪畫道路。從寫實主義中強調,藝術的表現絕非僅在於刻畫單純的表相,而是擁有更高的真實,在描寫平凡中創造出不凡的價值。透過印象主義的技法,探討繪畫中光線與色彩關係,用觀察和感受,體會自然界物體變化。強調藝術創作要與土地結合,更重要的是認同在地文化。 創作中以油畫為媒材,採用寫實的手法,忠實呈現「討海人」與「船」「魚」、和「群體」之間的互動關係,表達出個人內心感受的創作理念。在此過程體認到,藝術不僅要表現真實,在生活中「提煉」出更高的意義與情感,繪畫更要傳達感情與思想,讓人感動引起共鳴,這不是結束,而是另一階段的開始,再次引發創作動力,期許未來研究和創作。
Tamsui was a place full of arts and humanities in the past, but the fishing village scene has faded away now. The author ,who has been away from hometown for more than twenty years, entitled this study “Fishermen-Image” in order to recall the attachment to his childhood and land of hometown, what’s more, to reemerge the image of his father, who was also a tough fisherman before. Hopefully, Taiwan's fishing village culture can get attention from people again, and this study can make a contribution for the arts and humanities. Theoretically, author hope to make his own painting style through putting into practice the humanism. Realism stresses that performance of art is not only to emphasize on purely depicting appearances, but more to embrace a higher truth. From depicting the ordinary to create extraordinary value. The relationship between light and color would be explored through the impressionistic techniques. The changing on natural objects would be perceived with our observations and feelings. We want to emphasize that arts creation should be combined with the land, more importantly, with the identification of local culture. The oil paintings ,the media used in these works, faithfully demonstrate the interaction among “fishermen”,”ship”, “fish”, and “group”. Furthermore, author’s creative concept and personal feelings was revealed through those works . In this process, we realize that arts not only show the reality, but also "refine" a higher meaning and emotion from lives. Painting should convey the feelings and thoughts to move and resonate with people. Definitely, this is not the end but the beginning of another stage that triggers my next creation and research.
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