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Title: 清.水-懷鄉意緒的繪畫表現
Tranquillity and Purity-Expression of Nostalgic Emotion in Painting
Authors: 王瓊麗
Keywords: 清水
Ching Shui
Landscape Painting
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 無論是基於求學、就業或者其他種種因素而離鄉背井的人們,面對生長的地方總有一股思念的情感。清水小鎮,位於台中海線地區,依山傍水,風景極為優美,那是筆者的故鄉,以它作為繪畫的主題,自然意義非凡。蒐集資料的過程能夠讓人對它有更加深入地認識與瞭解,而描寫故鄉的過程則可以觸動潛藏於內心的情感,一種浪漫的懷鄉意緒。 本系列作品除了抒情的作用之外,也企圖藉由畫面的構成、色彩的表現、技法的運用等等,將筆者自己所感受到的故鄉特質─清.水(靜謐、透淨、甘醇、美好)展露出來;此外,更希望喚起大眾對自然家園的重視,能夠從中得到啟發並且反思人之於土地兩者之間的關係與影響。 本繪畫創作論述將透過(一)文獻及地方誌研究;(二)繪畫藝術理論、流派及風格研究;(三)藝術心理學研究;(四)藝術哲學研究;以及(五)藝術美學研究等方法,來探討自我的藝術發展過程、作品表現方式與個人繪畫風格之形成。
People who leave their homes for studying, working, or other reasons always keep nostalgic emotions for their hometowns. Ching Shui Town with beautiful scenery, located in Taichung coastline and surrounded by mountains and water, is the author’s hometown. It is meaningful to take it as the theme of the author’s paintings. The process of the researching made the author understand her hometown more deeply, while the undertaking of depicting it touched the author’s deep emotion, a kind of romantic nostalgia. Not only expressing author’s feelings, this series of paintings also conveys the characteristics of the author’s hometown- Ching Shui in the meaning of tranquillity, transparency, sweetness and enjoyment- by the structures of the paintings, the presenting of the colors, and the usage of the painting techniques. Furthermore, the author hopes to arouse the public attention on the natural beauty of homelands and to derive inspiration and reflections about the relation and the influence between people and land. The thesis of the art creation discussed the process of one’s art development, the ways of presenting art works and the formations of personal depicting styles by the following methods: 1. Research on the literature and chronicles 2. Research on depicting theories, genres and styles 3. Research on psychology of art 4. Research on philosophy of art 5. Research on esthetics
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