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Title: 貓語錄 吳莉珺創作論述
Authors: 鐘有輝
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 與貓在一起生活將近十年,享受與貓在一起的日子,柔軟、愛乾淨、敏感、靈活、冷眼……等有太多形容詞可以稱頌此種有趣的動物。「貓」給予我藝術創作源源不斷的原動力,作家許卡沙‧魏斯(Eugen Skasa-Weiß)曾說:「貓故意留一個謎團,讓人類猜不透。」這是即使與貓相處這麼久,貓還是有一連串待解答案,令我著迷;本研究論文的目的是為了將理論與實際創作結合,為使理論研究內容更為深入、精準,因此確立目的同時也界定研究之範圍。 研究目的:以貓為研究對象,從人與貓的互動經驗、貓的姿態、貓的行為、貓的藝術…等探討與表現藝術在生活中的單純感動,使用圖像的象徵意義,尋找未來創作之題材與發展方向。最後將理論結合創作,使創作內涵更為深入,並賦予時代意義與個人生活觀點、紀錄。 研究範圍:理論研究內容分兩大主要部份,一是從普普與後現代主義的藝術精神內涵分析現代人生活與藝術結合的表現手法;並從日本現代動漫藝術探討無所不在的藝術感動是這樣的簡單、親切。 另一方面從動物學、歷史、詩人、與中、西藝術家創作中找出貓的身影與藝術表現,希望可以從更多元角度去了解貓這個動物。 研究理論之後,終究要回歸創作本質。創作方面透過平日的速寫、漫畫、攝影、隨手筆記做為創作的根基,貓的各種型態表現出自己的心境。希望將研究後心得應用於實際創作當中,一方面印證理論可行性,一方面期許樹立個人表現風格。理論與實際創作相輔相成,並以當成日後更深入研究之基礎,做為創作方向修正或發展的參考。
It has been almost ten years since a cat first entered into my life, and it has been a near decade of enjoyment. There are so many adjectives in which one may use to describe the feline creature: soft, clean, sensitive, agile, cool to just name a few, and it is this wonderful creature that has provided me with abundant creativity. Author Eugen Skasa-Weiß once said, “cats leave riddles that men cannot solve”. Even though I have spent many years with cats, there are still puzzles about them that await me each day, and this fascinates me. The objective of this thesis is to merge theories with actual artwork. The extent of the research is also defined in order for the content to be more penetrating and accurate. Research objective: Using cats as research objects, and to explore the effect of display art in life from the interactions between humans and cat’s, cat’s postures, cat’s behaviors and cat’s art. By using symbolic meanings of pictorials to discover subject of future innovation and direction of development, and in the end combine theories with my artworks to provide more substantial contents, and to present my personal record and view of life. Extent of research: The contents of theory research fall into two categories. Firstly, the display method for the analytical synergy between art and modern life used by Pop Art and Post-Modernism, and to explore the simplicity and affability of the art presented by the modern Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara. Secondly, to search for cats and the art forms of cats from disciplines such as zoology, history, poetry, Chinese and Western arts, on the hope of understanding this fascinating animal through pluralistic perspective. After the theoretical research come my artworks. The everyday sketches, cartoons, photos and notes form the foundation of my artworks. Each of the cat’s forms illustrated can somehow display my mental states. It is my wish to apply the conclusions from theoretical research into my artworks, so that I may on the one hand prove the validity of the theories and on the other establish my personal style. It is through the combination between theories and practical works that form the foundation of any future research and the reference to the adjustment and development of my future artworks.
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