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Title: 追日─太陽意象之畫創作研究
Pursuing the Sun —Research on the “ Symbolism of Sun ” Series of Works
Authors: 王瓊麗
Keywords: 向日葵
natural apotheosis
original art
painting creation
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本論文以「追日─太陽意象之繪畫創作研究」為主題,主要從太陽信仰的歷史發展中,探討原始初民與太陽間的關係,並從考古學、文化史角度,認識各種太陽圖騰意涵與發展,最後將前述研究應用於筆者的繪畫創作中。本研究論文共分為五個章節,各章節摘要說明如下: 第一章 說明研究動機、目的、方法、架構及研究範圍,並在名詞釋義中闡釋創作主題「意象」、「自然崇拜」以及「原始藝術」。 第二章 文獻的探討,說明太陽信仰與原始文化間的關係、中國大陸以及世界各地太陽信仰的發現、太陽信仰背後所代表的意義與價值。 第三章 研究太陽信仰下的藝術表現,從圖騰象徵意涵及圖騰美感,進一步的分析了解圖騰藝術,以助創作階段之應用。 第四章 作品說明與創作歷程分析,配合圖片說明,從中瞭解筆者創作觀點及繪畫創作目的。 第五章 結論中檢討本次創作研究歷程,並對未來創作方向的可能性作一說明。
The thesis centers around “symbolism, nature apotheosis and original art,” discussing the relationship between early people and the sun through historical development and the meaning of various totems from the view of archeology and culture that are used in the creation process. The works are presented in two series “natural talk” and “symbolism of sun.” The thesis is divided into five chapters, and each chapter is summarized as follows: Chapter 1 explains research motivations,objectives, approaches, frameworks and scopes and interprets the creative topic “symbolism”, “nature apotheosis” and “original art”. Chapter 2 states the relationship between the faith of sun and original culture, the discovery of the faith of sun all over the world and the meaning and value represented by the faith of sun. Chapter 3 takes a deep insight into the art of totem from the representative meaning and beauty of totem in an attempt to apply the findings and ideas to creation. Chapter 4 presents artistic statements and analyses creation process, supplemented by photo illustrations. An understanding of the author’s artistic conceptions and intentions can be obtained from this chapter. Chapter 5 discusses the creation process and gives some suggestions for the future directions and possibilities in painting.
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