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Title: 變異 — 彩墨創作研究
Mutation: Study and Creative Works of Color and Ink Painting
Authors: 莊連東
Lien-Tung Chuang
Keywords: 變異
Biological Evolution
Creative Ink Painting
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究從社會環境變異的意象出發,探討人類生活在自然環境中,原本應是怡然自得的田園生活,逐漸被工業社會、資本主義所入侵;如今的環境遭受污染、生活壓力大得讓人無法喘息,於是有抽離、急欲逃避的想法。大眾文化控制人們的思想,傳播媒體把流行的圖像轉換成神話,透過置入性行銷左右人的思想,跟著流行走,不知不覺中喪失心靈的追求,放棄人類與自然和平共處的概念。筆者試圖對此環境空間,經由變異的思考模式,結合繪畫圖像,尋求更多元性的創作。從潛意識中透過情感的傳達,把自己的幻象表現在畫面上。 筆者的構想來自於《山海經》,它是一部中國古代神話的書籍,展現出原始先民當時的民族精神和心目中的神話圖像世界。加入榮格「集體無意識」中所提及人類的共同心理結構「原型」之看法。再結合佛洛伊德《夢的解析》所談的潛意識,人類內心行為與思想受到現實壓力,以夢的方式表現出來,使人類在夢中充滿幻想與想像力。 神話的出現,是為了傳達一種敬天的精神,相信萬物有情、有靈。由董仲舒所闡述的「天人合一」,強調人類應與自然和平共處,遵循同一規律。但人們受資本主義文化影響重視工業發展的結果,過度的開採天然資源用以發明尖端科技,使自然界生態遭到破壞失去平衡。如今大自然反撲,氣候異常天災不斷,使生物進化過程中,感受到極大的威脅,物種為適應新環境,而產生變異。在社會的體制下,如馬爾庫塞所提的「單向度的人」,迫使人們如機械般過著單一化的生活。 筆者以蜥蜴作為創作的符號,藉此符號與環境之間的各種現象加以探討,透過不同空間的呈現,以表達人類應該從社會環境變異的意象中,尋找出屬於自我生存的空間。
This study begins with images of mutation in society and environment. In the natural environment, human beings used to live naturally and leisurely. This life style, however, is gradually encroached by the industrialism and capitalism. Today, environment is polluted and life is full of pressure, pushing human beings into the mentality of withdrawal and escapism. Pop culture controls people’s thoughts; mass media transforms the popular icons into myths and controls the minds of the people with the concept of fashion. Unknowingly, human beings forsake their spiritual pursuits and abandon the possibility of living with nature peacefully. In this context, this study aims to utilize the concept of mutation, to integrate it with pictorial icons, and to attempt multi-faceted creative works. The sentiments pass through unconsciousness and express themselves with the images. The inspiration derives from Shan Hai Jing or The Classic of Mountains and Seas, a collection of ancient Chinese mythologies. This anthology shows the spiritual, the mythological, and the iconic worlds of ancient Chinese people. Other sources of inspiration include Carl Jung’s concept of “collective unconscious” and the mutual prototype and mental structures of human beings. Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams and his elaboration of the unconscious also contributes to the formation of this study. For Freud, dream is the expression of people’s mental behaviors and thoughts under pressure; thus dreams are full of fantasies and imaginations. The advent of mythology communicates a reverence of the higher realm and a faith in the feelings and spirits of all things. “Unity of Heaven and Human,” a concept propounded by the Han philosopher Dong Zhong-shu, holds that human beings should live peacefully with nature and follow the same rhythm. However, as the result of capitalist culture and emphasis on industrial development, human beings exploit natural resources and damage the balance of natural ecology. Today, the nature fights back and natural disasters abound. In the process of evolution, species feel great threats and have to mutate to fit in this new environment. In this social structure, we see the emergence of “One-Dimensional Man,” as pointed out by Marcuse, in which human beings are forced to live in a mechanical and one-dimensional way. I adopt lizard as a sign for my creative works to investigate different phenomenon of the environment. With its representation in various spaces, I try to express the idea that human beings should face these images of social and environmental mutation and attempt to find out a space of living for oneself.
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