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Title: 「玩美神話」-女性形態意象創作研究
Mockery of the Myth of Beautiful– the Creation of Feminine Shape Images.
Authors: 朱友意
Keywords: 女性
Mockery of Beautiful
feminine shape
physical discipline
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本創作主題「玩美神話-女性形態意象創作研究」主要透過壓克力平面繪畫,以一種社會上大眾媒體形塑女性外貌的角度,從纖細性感的身材、對時尚與流行的追求,象徵符號來解析創作內容,以作為創作畫面的依據。從圖像中的女性意涵出發,在社會中女性給予他人印象,筆者試圖借用女性身體符號,在父權結構的背後,是否自主的減肥達成完美體態。探討女性現狀,外在美貌與審美觀念,追求時尚的目標與意義。故筆者以此消費文化與文化符號的議題於廣告影像上的表現,探討近代女性藝術家茱蒂‧芝加哥、辛蒂‧雪曼、芭芭拉‧克魯格在女性藝術發展史中,引發許多女性察覺自身的權力與長期被觀看的角度,表現女性身軀以及筆者週遭物件之描繪,表達自身與社會之關聯性。
The theme to " Mockery of the Myth of Beautiful– the Creation of Feminine Shape Images." was created through the flat acrylic painting. By inspirations of the social points of view about female appearance under the mass media- slim sexy bodies, the pursuit of fashion, this work is composed by the symbols and signs of the femininity as the basis of the creative content. From the objectifying of the female image in the modern society, I projected the female figure in my painting to express the contrast of weight loss and perfect female figures behind the patriarchal domination. I intended to investigate the stereotypes of the female external beauty , aesthetic conceptions, and aims or significance of pursuing fashion endlessly. Therefore, I revealed the consumer issues of culture and cultural symbols in the advertising image to explore how those modern female artists like Judy Chicago, Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger awoke many women in the history of female art to reclaim their female identity and reject to be objectified under the long-term patriarchal domination. The work composed of the performance of the female figure as well as accessories shows the painter’s rejection of the female objectification and the conflicts of the femininity under patriarchal domination.
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