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Title: 台灣婚禮顧問公司品牌策略研究
The Study Of Brand Strategy For Wedding Consultant Companies In Taiwan
Authors: 董澤平博士
Cheng Ling Lin
Keywords: 婚禮顧問
wedding consulting
wedding planning
innovation service
wedding industry
brand strategy
brand equity
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 台灣婚慶產業在世界上首屈一指,是亞洲地區文化產業的典範,但近年來由於結婚人數下滑,晚婚及不婚人數增多的影響,進入了婚慶業的冬天,許多業者力求轉型,因應現代人需求的整合式的創新服務---婚禮顧問公司也在此冒出頭來。婚禮,乃是一生一次性的消費,新人一定要求盡善盡美,但又由於現代人工作繁忙,籌備婚禮是一項花時間的工作,因此,婚禮顧問公司產生,幫忙處理了婚禮中的大小事物,使得整個婚禮籌備的過程,都能是種愉快的消費。 本研究在探討婚禮顧問公司現況發展以及市場需求狀況,以及業者在進入市場後如何操作其品牌策略與創新,並應用品牌權益打造金字招牌。筆者透過對台灣地區婚禮顧問公司抽樣問卷,以了解廠商對於品牌經營的認知程度,並藉由代表性的個案訪談,以及相關的次級資料收集,對照品牌策略的理論來探討業者的品牌經營方式。比較不同規模的婚禮顧問公司的品牌經營,藉由婚禮顧問產業中領導廠商品牌策略的了解,試圖歸納整理出一套婚禮顧問產業內可行的品牌行銷策略思維。 研究結果得知,業者對品牌經營的認知程度高,但因專業品牌研發人員缺乏,因此整體品牌績效還有待努力;而產品線延伸為台灣婚禮顧問公司業者主要經營走向,在品牌經營下,婚禮顧問公司在有利潤後做其他投資,成功擴大事業版圖,則成為品牌延伸,成功的業者對於自己品牌策略與經營方向相當清楚;雖然專業的婚禮顧問公司、婚宴會場、星級飯店已清楚品牌定位與策略並發展,但工作室面臨品牌重新決策窘境;因此提高品牌聯想、品牌忠誠度以及知名度為業者品牌經營績效的目標;除了口碑行銷外,創新行銷必要手法;而提升員工與客戶的品牌忠誠度,視為品牌經營績效,以提高品牌價值為台灣婚禮顧問公司永續發展之鑰。
Wedding consulting industry developed in Taiwan is one of the paradigms of Asian cultural industries.However,along with the decline of the marriage rate and the popularity of late marriage as well as bachelorism, the winter smothers the wedding consulting industry. Thereby,the industry struggled to transform to echo the nowadays need throughout the wedding arrangement.Couples today tend to request the comprehensive services and that request brings out the emerging of wedding consulting companies. A wedding is the very consumption that normally occurs once in the lifetime, and thus couples would usually ask for perfection. Nonetheless, the busy modern life style seriously contradicts with the time consuming wedding preparation. Hence the wedding consulting companies provide services to deal with all the tasks during the whole wedding arranging period.Moreover, such services have to ensure that the process is full of joy. The purposes of this research are twofold. The first one is to explore the development of the wedding consulting industry in Taiwan and the status quo of the market. The second one is that this study deliberates the brand strategy of the companies and their innovation as well as the brand equity the companies adopt to build the brand reputation. Through the sampled questionnaires, the companies’ recognition of the brand operation is understood. Interviews with the selected companies, together with the collected secondary data, the methods of brand operation adopted by the companies are revealed. The research further compares the theory of brand strategy and the actual way of brand operation implemented by the companies. Lastly, through the understanding of the leading companies’ brand strategy in the industry and the comparison of the brand strategy employed by the companies with different sizes, this research inducts the practical thoughts on brand marketing. The findings of this research show that the wedding consulting companies in Taiwan well acknowledge the importance of the brand recognition. However, owing to the lack of professional staffs associated with the brand development, there is still room for enhancement of the brand performance. The main operating strategy of the companies in this research is product line stretching. Under the brand operation, the companies devote to other fields under the support of the realized profits, and thus the scope business is broadened. The goal of brand stretching is then achieved. A successful company is well aware of its brand strategy and its direction of development like some well-known hotels. However, personal wedding consulting studios are tackling the difficulties of brand decision. Therefore, raising the brand association, brand loyalty and the visibility are all vital purposes of brand operating performance improving. Besides the word of mouth marketing, it is crucial to innovate the means of marketing. The performance of brand operation can be recognized from the enhancement of the brand loyalty of employees and the customers.
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