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Title: 圖像凝視還原再造-廖三博水墨創作意符探討
Gaze Ink Painting ; Return to the Essence of the Phenomena of the Things and Give to New Meaning and Value Liao, San-Bor Advance Study of Ink Painting and Searching Self-concept Manifested in the Form of the Ink Painting
Authors: 李振明
Lee Jimmy
Liao Sna-Bor
Keywords: 圖像
ink painting
return to the essence of the phenomena of the things
give to new meaning and value
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本研究從人與物的本質面出發,探討當代人與物還原後之再造意義,試圖將現代人不欲人知或訴苦無門的一面,藉以圖像傳達出來,並跨越純繪畫領域,以哲學中的存在意義與自我主體內心感受切入,解析現代人之無奈、矛盾、慾望等心理,從而尋求更多元性的創作方向。 於是筆者從物的本源面去探究造物者賦予它應有本質為何?是當今我們所見那樣嗎?如自然界的食物鍊是自然生成的,還是偶然便如此。而人類的本質面為何?人性本源是如何等?這些問題固然深奧,但是卻是有跡可尋的,故人們不應被現有的任何表象所隱翳,應是要能有窮本探源之精神,還原事物之真理方是。 筆者之創作,運用的是對圖像凝視後,藉由水墨以隱喻方式表達人因人云亦云的宗教信仰與喜好安全式的結構生活,這些皆是無自我與無存在之意義,也藉由此對自己繪畫創作方向之參考與借鑒。
This study starts out from searching the nature of persons and things, explores the new meaning and value after the contemporary and things returning to their essence, attempts to reveal the aspects that do not want people to know and that can complain nowhere among the contemporary conveying out by the ink paintings, across the field of pure painting to come to the point of philosophical meaning of existence and inner feelings of self to resolve the mentality of helpless, contradictory, and aspiration etc... and thereby seek more diversity of advance creative direction. Therefore the author of the ink painting from the origin of objects explores what are its natures given by the Creator?Are the essences what we see at present? Like the ecological food chain are the essences naturally generated or accidentally occurred? What is human nature?What is the origin of humanity? These are profound questions but are traceable, so people should not be deceived by the appearance of any phenomena but should have the spirit of digging deep into them to find out the truths of the phenomena. The author's creation uses different images and pictures of the gaze through metaphor in ink painting to express the concept that people say what others say about religions and fond security life style. These are all no sense of self and of existence meaning, and thereby the author can use as reference for painting direction and can draw lesson from it.
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