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Title: 「制約˙無限」張朝宗創作研究論述
Chang Chao-Tsung’s "Constraints ‧ Infinite" An Exhibition of Serial Works and Creative Discourse
Authors: 王瓊麗
Wang Chiung-Li
Chang Chao-Tsung
Keywords: 制約
love Taiwan's new eclecticism
abstract expressionism
Waldorf education
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本研究以筆者的「制約‧無限」系列創作研究為主軸,以魯道夫.史代納(Rudolf Steiner,1861-1925)倡議之「將身、心、靈合一,融入藝術教育全面提昇人類性靈境界。」的哲學為基,輔以圖例、文獻、網路資訊、論述,對筆者的創作過程進行意涵與技法、形式上的分析。 遵此架構,本文以第一章「緒論」作為伊始,於第二章中探討「制約‧無限」系列作品的學理礎及創作者與觀者之間對話的分寸掌握,以表現主義的興起與演進,及抽象表現主義、超現實主義對筆者及本研究的影響,並提出「愛台新折衷主義」的主張與其展望。第三章描述筆者個人修習藝術的沿革與體現,兼介紹影響本研究的藝術風格及藝術家。第四章則以探討「制約‧無限」系列創作的實踐與對媒材進行實驗研究的心得與結論,並對「人智學」理論作出回應與反餽。第五章針對本研究系列作品九件(組)逐一解說其創作理念與工序,作為本研究的理論實踐與印證。第六章則是結語及對未來的展望。 筆者認為惟能悠遊在「天」(形而上)、「地」(自然界)、「人」(原始本我)三者之間,並釐清自我限界的人,得以涵養到回返宛若新生兒的最初狀態,暢意於其極樂境界。
This artistic research is primarily by the author’s “constraints ‧ infinites” series creation, and also based on Rudolf Steiner’s (1861-1925)Anthroposophy which combines will, spirit and thought, and integrates the art education to promote comprehensively the realm of human soul. It is auxiliary by chart of symbols, literature, network information, elaboration, carries on the meaning and the technique, the analysis formally to author's creation process. According to the framework, this article “the introduction” takes the beginning by the first chapter. In the second chapter, “constraints ‧ infinites” the series work's theoretical foundation and dialogue between the creator and the viewer will be discussed. The expressionism's starting with the evolution, and the abstract expressionism, the surrealism affects the author and this research. And “loves Taiwan - new eclecticism” position and its prospect will be advocated. The third chapter describes the author’s individual thorough study of art evolution and the practice, as well as the introduction affects this research the artistic style and the key persons. The fourth chapter discusses “constraints ‧ infinites” the series creation practice with the experimental study for the material and the conclusion, and feedback and responses to "Anthroposophy". The fifth chapter is in view of this research series work to illustrate one by one its creation idea and the working procedure as this research’s theoretical practice and mutual proof. The sixth chapter is the conclusion and the prospects. Only the man, who is leisurable among heaven(metaphysical), land(nature), and human-being (the original of the I) ,and is able to define clearly the self-limit, and to return the newborn's initial condition, can enjoy the carefree state.
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