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Title: 蒲添生孫中山立像研究
A Study on Sun Yat-Sen’s Standing Memorial Statue by Paul Tien-Shen
Authors: 呂清夫
Lu Ching-Fu
Lin Ying-Pin
Keywords: 蒲添生
Pu Tian Shen
the Great Man Statue
the generalized public art
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究主要討論:雕塑家蒲添生1949年豎立於台北市中山堂廣場的孫中山立像,此像為台灣偉人塑像中極具重要性的代表,許多文獻將之視為台灣公共藝術的肇端;並認同其為政治銅像中相關作品之摹仿「典範」(canonical)、「國父立像」最重要的參考基準。 研究欲釐清此像在政治以外的價值,再進一步探討此作其中「藝術性」的呈現,並提出其為「經典」作品,論證此作的特殊性及存在價值。 首先,研究先設定「有形的雕塑品」、「無形的外在條件」二種面向,來理解此作。再進一步以質性研究來探討此「戶外雕塑」的古典寫實表現;以量化研究分析「公眾認知」的今昔不同,藉此來觀察作品於今天、未來可能的價值。筆者還將蒲氏孫像的相關藝術性問題,分別為「形」、「符號」及「藝術性」等三個層次進行探討。 由於內政部於1992年將台北市中山堂列為國家二級古蹟;但經過確認,古蹟認定範圍僅止於建築物本身,並未包括廣場上的銅像。因此本研究希望:經針對蒲添生孫中山立像的研究調查之後,整理出蒲添生孫中山立像藝術性的價值,建議相關單位重視此藝術作品的尊重與保存。
This case study mainly investigated the Sun Yet-Sen Standing Statue set up by Sculptor, Pu Tian-Shen, in front of the Zhongshan square of Taipei in 1949. This statue plays an important role among all of the great statues in Taiwan. From a review of the literature, it was seen as a primer for Taiwanese Public Art. It is also recognized to be the essential reference standard for other relevant political statues. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the value of the statue beyond it’s political meaning, to explore it from an artistic perspective, and also to illustrate it as a classical work. Firstly, the study discusses the statue from two perspectives: “the visible sculpture” and “the invisible external condition”. The qualitative research was done to explore the classical practical performance of this outdoor sculpture. Furthermore, the quantitative data analysis compares the difference in public perception in both the present and the past. It explores the value of the statue now and in the future. The researcher divides the related artistic questions about Pu Tian –Shen’s Statue into three levels to carry on the discussion as follows: “the shape”, “ the symbol” and “ the artistry”. The Ministry of Interior listed the Taipei Zhongshan Hall as the national second-level historical site in 1992. However, only the building itself was recognized as an historical site and not the bronze statue in the square. This research aims to estimate the artistic value of Pu Tian Shen’s Sun Yat-Sen statue and makes recommendations to the authority to raise the awareness and importance of the statue in modern Taiwanese society and to consider methods for its preservation for future generations.
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